Hey Champions,

The leader of the Undead Army comes on horseback to teach your opponents the fear! A zombified adventure awaits this weekend, rich with great Rewards, including the BRAND-NEW General’s Hand Skill Plate!

🧟‍♂ GET BRAND-NEW Gunther “general Decay”

  • Play Showdown and Limited-Time Tours to progress towards his Unlock and earn great Milestone Rewards.
  • Earn over 18,000 General Decay Medallions from Limitd-Time Tours, Solo, and Showdown Contest to progress in the Faction Contest.
  • Collect enough Medallions and get him at up to 6-Star Bronze on the Prize Wall or rank high enough in the Leaderboard.
  • Recruit him EARLY for a Limited-Time FREE Claim with additional Rewards!

🗓 Events Schedule

General Decay Solo Contest10/6 at noon PST10/9 at noon PST
Showdown Showcase Competition10/6 at noon PST10/8 at 4 pm PST
Faction Competition10/6 at noon PST10/9 at noon PST
Showdown Tournament (M/M)10/7 at noon PST10/8 at 4 pm PST
Limited-Time BONUS Prize Wall10/6 at noon PST10/7 at noon PST

Available Gunther “General Decay” Shards

Solo Contest325300
Faction Contest25
Showdown Showcase Competition100
Limited-Time Tour650
Web Shop Events at wwechampions.com200
Stamp Card100
More Shards will be available in Offers.

GRAB THE Gunther “General Decay” WANTED POSTER

Collect specific Items randomly in Scavenger Haunt Cases from Tours, Blitz, and Midweek Contests and Offers. Earn Resources, along with Scavenger Haunt Coffins that reward random Zombie Superstar Posters and Shards.

Earn the Gunther “General Decay” WANTED POSTER in the TOP FREE Solo Contest Milestone for BIG POINTS in the monthlong Scavenger Haunt Contest!


There is a lot of Bounty to claim throughout the Contests. Alongside plenty of Resources, you can earn valuable Shard Bags, Prize Wall Medallions, Shard Loot Coins, and MOOAR!

⭐ Get enough Medallions for the BRAND-NEW General’s Hand Skill Plate (Whenever you make 6 or more Submission Gems, gain 3 Purple MP and 3 Yellow MP!) or up to a 6-Star Bronze Poster of Gunther “General Decay”! Early Birds can grab some EXTRA Limited-Time Rewards!

Collect Shard Loot Coins and redeem them for Contest Superstars in the General Decay Briefcase!

Showdown Showcase Requirements

Rank up in the Showdown Tournament Leagues to earn BIG Points! Get even more with selected Zombie Superstars and progress in this Contest forPrize Wall Medallions, Shard Bags, and 5 MILLION Solo Contest Points!

Show more
Offense Slot 1Offense Slot 2Defense Slot 1Defense Slot 2
Elite LeagueZombieNONEZombieNONE
Champion LeagueZombieNONEZombieNONE
World Champion LeagueZombieNONEZombieNONE
Universal Champion LeagueZombieNONEZombieNONE
Elite Champion LeagueZombieNONEZombieNONE
Contest Superstars
Any Gunther
Gunther “General Decay”
Kane “The Big Dead Machine”
Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Fiend”
Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”
Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room”
Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon”

Limited-Time TOurs

Complete the Limited-Time Tour Chapters for valuable Contest Rewards! Shard Bags, Prize Wall Medallions, Solo Contest Points, and MOOAAR!

Show Tour Info
DayChaptersContest Superstars
FridayHuman Survivors (Normal/Open, Hard/Modern, Hell/6-Star)Normal
Piper Niven “Scottish Powerhouse”
Torrie Wilson “Fitness Guru”

LA Knight “Yeah!”
Sami Zayn “Conspiracy Theory”
FridayRing General (Modern)Any Walter/Gunther
SaturdayZombie Hunters (Zombies)Normal
Bianca Belair “EST in Peace”
Asuka “The Empress of Yesterday”

Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room”
Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon”
Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”
SaturdayFastlane to the Underworld (Striker)Damian Priest “All Rise”
SundayPurple Reign (Trickster)Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon”
Brock Lesnar “The Beast Reincarnated”
Mankind “It Came From the Boiler Room”

6-Star Loot and Offers

Your UNDEAD Army needs Leader! Get BRAND-NEW Gunther “General Decay” at 6-Star Bronze in Loot, along with other fierce Undead Superstars that eat the shiver from the back of your opponents!

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Get Shards of Gunther “General Decay”, Prize Wall Medallions, Ricky Steamboat “Eternal Dragon” Shards, Solo Contest Points, TP, and MOOOAR!

Get an EXTRA Chance at a 4-Star GOLD Gunther “General Decay” in our FORUM GIVEAWAY! 🎁

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