Hey Champions,

The Undead Army gets reinforcements with a NEW Zombie climbing out of the grave. 🧟‍♀

Try out BRAND-NEW Liv Morgan “LIVing Dead” for FREE at 6-Star Bronze and earn her Shards in her Limited-Time Tour! 🧠

  • Find this BRAND-NEW Superstar directly in your Roster when the Trial starts!
  • TRY her out with maxed Moves at 6-Star Bronze and experience her Undead Moves repertoire.
  • In the exclusive Superstar Trial Tour, you can obtain 100 SHARDS GUARANTEED ahead of her Debut Contest.
  • Earn Contest Points for her Debut Contest in the current weekly Faction Competition Leaderboards!


Exclusive Superstar Trial10/18 at noon PST10/20 at 2 am PST
Fight for the LIVing Dead Contest10/20 at noon PST10/23 at noon PST
Showdown Showcase10/21 at 2 pm PST10/22 at 6 pm PST

Trial Tour (League 7+)

Play her exclusive Limited-Time Tour, try different Movesets, and earn 100 Liv Morgan “LIVing Dead” Shards with extra Rewards.

Her official Debut Contest will launch this Friday, 10/20, at noon PST! Thus, we will remove her Trial Version from your account on 10/20 at ~2 a.m. PST.

Her removal comes with a ~ 30-minute maintenance. During this time you cannot access and play the game. 

Don’t miss this exclusive Superstar TRIAL and get excited about BRAND-NEW Liv Morgan “LIVing Dead” and her Debut Contest!

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