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Another Faction Boss is waiting to battle you and your Faction! Succeed against Hall of Fame Kevin Nash and earn Hall of Fame Shards, Gears, Moment, and MUCH MORE!

Please note:
Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!

🗓 Schedule

Hall of Metalheads Solo Contest11/15 at noon PST11/17 at noon PST
Faction Boss11/15 at noon PST11/17 at 10 AM PST

Faction Boss – Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame”

Required Faction Boss Coins can be earned in Faction Boss Battles. The higher the difficulty, the more Coins you will get. Remember, each Level’s Reward can be earned four times by beating the Boss with a different Style. Beating a Level earns the rewards of all Levels before it. Winning with an entire team of Faction Members gives 2x the Faction Boss Coins.

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  • Boss Moves
    • Every 1-2 Turns
      • Deal damage and bonus damage for each turn that has passed
      • Hardened Green Gem Shield
      • Increase MP Cost
      • Buff Boss Damage by 100% if there is a Green Gem on the Board
  • Battle Attributes
    • Some Battle Attributes will now scale with increasing difficulty levels. Boost amounts below are max values at level 23.
      • Multiply Gem Strength: +15
      • Purple Gem Damage: +600%
      • Botch Gem Damage: +800%
      • Black Gem Damage: -100%

Boss HP

Boss DifficultyBoss HP

Boss Abilities

  • Deal Damage and deal bonus damage per turn passed
    • Every turn, starting Turn 1
    • This applies at all difficulty levels.
    • Move deals bonus damage based on the Boss turn number
  • Hardened Green Gem Shield
    • Every 2 Turns, starting turn 1
    • Applies at difficulty levels
    • Shield HP scales from 20-115 depending on the difficulty.
    • Shield Lasts 1-2 Turns depending on difficulty
    • Shield will not be affected by Boss Breakers
  • Increase Move MP Cost
    • Every 2 turns, starting turn 2
    • Applies at difficulty levels 6+
    • MP Cost Increase scales from 3-10 depending on the difficulty
    • Debuff lasts for 1 Player Turn
  • Increase Boss Move Damage if there is a Green Gem on the board
    • Every 2 turns, starting turn 1
    • Applies at difficulty levels 9+
    • Boss Move Damage is increased by 100% for the Boss’s next turn if a Green Gem is on the board.
    • This buff can be removed with the Neutralize Boss Breaker.

Boss Level Difficulty Rarity Requirements

Higher Boss Difficulty Levels will require specific Superstar Rarities.

Rarity Req.Boss Difficulty

Battle Tips

Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame” makes Boss debut as this week’s Faction Boss. He uses a Hardened Green Gem Shield, so make sure your team is prepared with Green Gem Superstars to take it down. Also make sure your team is equipped with the Regeneration-X Boss Breaker as he will increase your moves’ MP costs. Another Boss Breaker to make sure you have equipped is the Neutralize Boss Breaker since he himself a Damage Buff, and this Boss Breaker can remove it. Offensively, take advantage of his weakness to Purple, Botch, and Multiply Gems.

Useful Boss Breakers

  • Essential
    • Regeneration-X (Focused)
    • Neutralize (Chaotic)
  • Helpful
    • Helping Hand (Defensive)
    • It’s Time (Chaotic)
    • Exhaust (Aggressive)

Superstar Strategies

  • Use Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Focused Superstars
      • Regeneration-X Boss Breaker from Focused Superstars will allow your team to generate more MP per match to combat the increased MP costs.
    • Chaotic Superstars
      • Neutralize Boss Breaker from Chaotic Superstars will allow your team to remove the Boss’s Damage Buff after he applies it to himself.
    • Purple, Multiply, and Botch Gem Superstars
      • Superstars that utilize Purple Gems and Botch Gems will deal increased damage
      • Superstars that utilize Multiply Gems will have their Multiply Gems generated from moves increased in strength.
    • Green Gem Superstars
      • Superstars that create and destroy Green gems will be critical in taking down the Boss shield.
  • Avoid Superstars with the following characteristics
    • Superstars with a heavy reliance on Black Gem Damage
      • Superstars that rely on Black Gem Damage will struggle against the boss since Black Gem damage is severely weakened.

Boss Breaker Abilities

  • Regeneration X (Focused)
    • Difficulty 9+
    • Counter for Boss damage
    • Ability works by reducing amount of damage Boss does
    • Boss Breaker Upgrade Summary
      • Level 2-5 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 6 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number Actions buff lasts
      • Level 7 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Teammates affected
      • Level 8 : Increased Number of Teammates affected
      • Level 9 : Increased Buff duration
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown
  • Neutralize (Chaotic)
    • Counter for Boss Damage Buff
    • Ability works by removing Boss’s Buff
    • Upgrade Benefits
      • Level 2-7 : Decreased Cooldown
      • Level 8-9 : Decreased Cooldown and Increased Number of Buffs removed
      • Level 10 : Decreased Cooldown

Please note:
If a Team member disconnects or leaves an ongoing Boss Battle, the Team won’t earn the full amount of Points for that battle.

Solo Contest

Play the Limited-Time Tour and Faction Boss Competition for Contest Points, Hall of Metalheads Prize Wall Medallions, Thrasher “The Headbangers” Shards, rare Tokens, and Resources!

🔥 Fine precious Metalheads’ Gold Hall of Fame Token Cases and MORE in the TOP 200 Leardboard Ranks!

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Earn Points in Hall of Metalheads Contest Tours!
Earn Points from the Hall of Metalheads Faction Boss Competition!
Spend a Hall of Metalheads Loot Coin15,000
Spend your first Hall of Metalheads Loot Coin for BIG BONUS POINTS!100,0001
Max Milestone10,000,000

Reward Highlights

Hall of Metalheads Medallions
6-Star Silver Tokens
Thrasher “The Headbangers” Shards

Faction Boss Competition

Battle the Faction Boss with selected Superstars to climb the Milestones for over 2 Million Hall of Metalheads Solo Points and Prize Wall Medallions!

🔥The TOP 500 Leaderboard Ranks can earn additional 6-Star Silver Tokens!

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Assemble your Faction and battle the Faction Boss together for awesome Rewards!

Earn Boss Shop Coins200
TIEBREAKER – Defeat the Boss on Level 20 with a Hall of Fame Superstar5,000
Defeat the boss on Level 12 with Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”1,000,0001
Defeat the boss on Level 12 with Steve Austin “Hall of Fame”1,000,0001
Defeat the boss on Level 15 with Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame”1,000,0001
Defeat the boss on Level 15 with Iron Sheik “Hall of Fame”1,000,0001
Defeat the boss on Level 20 with Rick Rude “Hall of Fame”1,500,0001
Defeat the boss on Level 20 with Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame”2,000,0001
Defeat the boss on Level 20 with Snoop Dogg “Hall of Fame”1,500,0001
Max Milestone17,500,000

Reward Highlights

Hall of Metalheads Solo Points
Hall of Metalheads Medallions

Limited-Time Tour

Complete the Chapters in this Limited-Time Tour to earn over 1,400,000 Hall of Metalheads Solo Points, Metalheads’ Gold Hall of Fame Token Cases, and Prize Wall Medallions!

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DayChaptersContest Superstars
WednesdayFeel the Metal Heat (Hall of Fame)Snoop Dogg “Hall of Fame”
Iron Sheik “Hall of Fame”
Honky Tonk Man “Hall of Fame”
WednesdayHall of Fame Technicians (Hall of Fame)Any Technician
ThursdayHeat Up the Purple (Hall of Fame)Rick Rude “Hall of Fame”
Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame”
Chyna “Hall of Fame”
ThursdayHall of Fame Tricksters (Hall of Fame)Any Trickster

Reward Highlights

Hall of Metalheads Solo Points
Metalheads’ Gold Hall of Fame Token Cases
Hall of Metalheads Medallions

Prize Wall

Redeem your Medallions on this Prize Wall for Hall of Fame Gears, Shards, and Hall of Fame Tokens!

🔥 This is a good chance to earn more Shards for Tatanka “War Eagle” towards his unlock, in case you missed it this year!

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Screenshots are from a test environment. Costs are pretty much WIP and not final!

Tatanka “War Eagle” Shards
nWo Hall of Fame Moment
Snoop Dogg “Hall of Fame”Gears
Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame” Gears
Rick Rude “Hall of Fame” Gears
Xpac “Hall of Fame” Gears
Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame” Shards
Chyna “Hall of Fame” Shards
Snoop Dogg “Hall of Fame” Shards
5 Star HoF Gold Tokens
Strap Parts


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