Hey Champions,

The Headshrinkers are here with ripped-up poultry and shrunken prices, right in time for this year’s BLACK FRIDAY!

BLACK-FATU DAY Contest (Get Fatu here)11/23 at 9 PM PST11/25 at noon PST
The Headshrinkers Feud Contest (Get Samu here)11/25 at noon PST11/27 at noon PST
Faction Feud11/25 at 4 pm PST11/26 at noon PST
Get Fatu on Black Friday and Samu in the Feud Contest.


Obtain Black Fatu-Day Tribal Necklaces in Offers to progress in this Contest, and earn Black Friday-worthy Rewards. You can be sure that we have spared no expense or effort to bring you the year’s best Offers!

Check out the BRAND-NEW STEP-UP Offers!

The BRAND-NEW STEP-UP Offers give you the carrot you asked for. Claim the first Items for FREE and make your way up through valuable Deals and even more FREE Bonus Claims!

Contest Reward Highlights

Fatu “Headshrinkers” Shards
Black Fatu-day Premium Medallion
Black Fatu-day Bags
Black Fatu-day Medallions
Unlock Fatu “Headshrinkers” with Shards in Offers, Milestones, and Loot.

The TOP 20 Leaderboard Ranks can get BRAND-NEW Fatu “Headshrinkers” at up to 6-Star Bronze!


Earn the Black Fatu-day PREMIUM Medallion in the TOP Solo Contest Milestone and redeem it for your chosen item, such as Ultimate Power Straps with 130% Gem Damage for specific classes, Rare Skill Plates, Fatu “Headshrinkers” Shards, and MORE!

Redeem Black Fatu-day Medallions on the Black Fatu-day Prize Wall for RARE Skill Plates and Superstar Shards!

First time ever 6-STAR SILVER LOOT

Still hungry for turkey? Bite into this ferocious Loot for a chance at BRAND-NEW Fatu “Headshrinkers” at 6-STAR SILVER for the first time EVER in WWE Champions!

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