Hey Champions,

It’s almost the end of this year, and we’re closing it out with an exciting two-month-long Contest! December will feature ALL of the Superstars the Community voted for last Summer—we’re kicking things off with two BRAND-NEW Superstars! Stay tuned for more, and get excited!

GET 2 BRAND-NEW Superstars

The moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting is finally here! Our Summer of Champions Fan Voting Results have come to life – the Community chose Ludwig Kaiser, and we are excited to welcome Giovanni Vinci to complete THE IMPERIUM in WWE Champions!

  • Get Ludwig Kaiser “A+ Aesthetics” at 2-Star Bronze for FREE in the Shop!
  • Unlock BRAND-NEW Giovanni Vinci “The Equalizer” at 5-Star GOLD with Shards, or get him with Superstar Prize Wall Medallions!

Changes/Improvements in Dec/Jan

  • It’s a 2 Months-long Contest with 2 Million Points to reach as TOP Milestone! All related Contests are adjusted accordingly.
    • January will feature NEW Hall of Fame Superstars!
  • Weekly Community Events that you will progress in by completing daily missions and earning Manager Rewards!
  • Alternating weeks of Limited-Time Tours and Showdown Tournaments.
    • The ML Showdown will replace the standard limited-time Tours every other week starting week 2.
    • Showdown Perks were also revamped in December.
    • SD Perk 1 (December)
      • Blue Starting MP +6
      • Red Starting MP +6
      • All Color Match MP +2
    • SD Perk 2 (December)
      • Opponent’s Start MP -6
      • Increase Kickout Damage +40%
      • Health +15%
    • SD Perks will have different boosts in January.
  • Reduced Monthlong Loot Costs, plus more high-end Tokens now and more Pulls for $100!
  • Invest in and use the FREE Ludwig Kaiser in January to earn a BRAND-NEW Hall of Fame Superstar!
  • Moment Loot Contest renamed to Showdown for this Moment
    • Now goes along with the Showdown Contests.

Holiday Haymaker Collection Contest

Find Holiday Haymaker Collection Cases in Winter of Wonder II Tours, Holiday Haymaker Blitz, and Midweek Contests! Get more items at wwechampions.com!

Earn nearly 400M Coins, 40,000 TP, 6-Star Silver Tokens, and Holiday Haymaker Chests with a chance at Contest Superstar Posters and Shards that can help you in this Contest and beyond.

Ways to progress in the Contest EVERY DAY:

Monday & TuesdayClaim FREE Blitz Tickets in the Store and at wwechampions.com to earn Holiday Haymaker Collection Cases in Blitz Rewards.
Wednesday & ThursdayEarn Holiday Haymaker Collection Cases in Midweek Event Rewards
Friday, Saturday & SundayEarn a Holiday Cards in the TOP FREE Milestone of the Debut Solo Contest


Play weekly Contests and Competitions throughout December and January to unlock GREAT Rewards in Milestones, Tours, and on the Prize Wall.

  • All Contests are stuffed with valuable Resources.
  • The Feud Prep Talent-Up rewards you with the new Feud Perks and more! Every New Feud comes to switch new Feud Perks. The following are the Perks for the upcoming Feud:
    • Opponents Yellow MP -10
    • Opponents Yellow Gem Dmg -1000%
    • Blue Gem Dmg +200%
    • Mult Gem Dmg +100%
  • Collect enough Medallions in the Solo Contest and redeem them for RARE Superstar Posters on the Winter of Wonder II Superstar Prize Wall, including a ⭐⭐⭐ 3-Star Gold Giovanni Vinci “The Equalizer”!
  • Take part in the monthlong Holiday Haymaker Collection Contest and earn Superstar Chests with Posters and Shards.
  • Redeem your earned EMBLEMS on the Prize Wall and choose additional Rewards, such as Shards for BRAND-NEW Giovanni Vinci “The Equalizer”, Coins, TP, and Tokens of any Class, Turnbuckles, and much MORE! (Resets Weekly)
  • Defeat the Ludwig Kaiser “A+ Aesthetics” Tour Boss weekly for Special Medallions that unlock even MORE Rewards.
  • Earn 6-Star Silver Tokens in weekly Challenge Tours!
Collect Keys and redeem them for Contest Superstars in the Winter of Wonder II Briefcase! Get 10 GUARANTEED, very RARE items with every 55 Pulls!

Please note: The Briefcase Loot resets weekly, so players who managed to League Up during the week can also use this Loot.

Talent up your NEW Ludwig Kaiser “A+ Aesthetics” with Tokens, or take a convenient shortcut with our Starter Packs in the Store. TIP: The Pro Starter Pack grants you access to a 50% discount on ALL items on the regular Prize Wall!

🗓 Events Schedule

Winter of Wonder II Contest12/5 at 11:30 am PST
Loot, Perks, Weekly Blitz, Weekly Faction Competition and Tours, Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition, Feud Prep Talent Up, Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com12/5 at noon PST
Show Full Month
EventStart @ noon PST
Midweek Contest12/6
TP Contest12/8
Faction Feud12/9
Moments Showdown/Loot Contest12/11
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com12/11
12 Days of Xmas12/13
Midweek Faction Boss12/13
Showdown Showcase12/16
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com12/18
Feud Prep Talent Up12/18
Midweek Showdown12/20
Flash Feuds12/22
TP Contest12/22
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com12/25
Moments Showdown/Loot Contest12/25
Christmas Midweek12/27
Faction Boss12/30
New Years Weeklong1/1
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com1/1
Feud Prep Talent Up1/1
Faction Feud1/6
TP Contest1/6
Moments Showdown/Loot Contest1/8
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com1/8
Midweek Faction Boss1/10
Showdown Showcase1/13
Feud Prep Talent Up1/15
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com1/15
Midweek Showdown1/17
Flash Feuds1/19
TP Contest1/20
Moments Showdown/Loot Contest1/22
Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com1/22
Faction Boss1/27
Daily Coin/Evo Contests
12/10 – 12/15
12/24 – 12/29
1/7 – 1/12
1/21 – 1/26
Always outside a Feud Prep Talent Up

Please note:
Events are subject to change

Ludwig Kaiser “A+ Aesthetics” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find valuable Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the Contest, including Tours, Coin & Evolution Contests, TP Contests, and MORE!
  • These can evolve and enhance the free Superstar during this monthly Contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop, but there will be enough for FREE to bring him up to 4-Star Gold if you play all Competitions.
  • Consider bringing him up higher with all your Tokens if you get him in Loot!
Show more

Collecting Evo Tokens will grant you Points for the Winter of Wonder II Contest! So, even when you think you don’t need them anymore, keep collecting!

Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:

Evo To:Token Costs
6-Star Bronze6000
5-Star Gold4000
5-Star Silver2500
5-Star Bronze1500
4-Star Gold700
4-Star Silver575
4-Star Bronze500
3-Star Gold400
3-Star Silver350
3-Star Bronze300
2-Star Gold200
2-Star Silver150

His Evolution Tokens will change back to regular ones after the Contest is over, which means regular Tokens will be required again.

Limited-Time TOurs and Feud CSS Requiremets

Use the NEW Feud Prep Talent Ups to invest in the right Superstars for Feud and Tours!

Show more
ChaptersStart @ noon PSTEnd
Tough Technicians12/512/8
Austin Theory “A-Town Down”12/51/30
Extra Attitude12/1912/22
Stacy Keibler “Women’s Legend”12/181/30
Bronze or Bust (HOF)1/21/5
R Truth “K-Kwik”1/11/30
Forever Enshrined (HOF)1/161/19
Nikki Cross “A. S. H.”1/151/30

Contest Superstars for the Flash Feuds ON 1/19

Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness”
The Rock “The Most Electrifying Man”
Triple H “DX Army”
Any Shawn Michaels
Jim Neidhart “Hall of Fame”
Kevin Nash “Hall of Fame”
Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”
Any British Bulldog
Sherri Martel “Sensational Sherri”
Chelsea Green “Entitled”
Lita “Rebel by Design”
Any Attitude
Brutus Beefcake “Hall of Fame”
“The Immortal” Hulk Hogan
Mr. Perfect “Hall of Fame”
Any nWo

6-Star Loot and Offers

Feel the heat of amazing Superstars and get them at up to 6-Star Silver – a LOOT too cool to miss!

⭐ Cool Resource Bundles in the Shop accompany the NEW Feud Prep Talent Up. Check them out!

Get more Limited-Time EXCLUSIVES and FREEBIES on wwechampions.com

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