GET 2 BRAND-NEW Superstars

  • Get Kairi Sane “Kabuki Warriors” at 2-Star Bronze for FREE in the Shop!
  • Unlock BRAND-NEW Sonya Deville “Hair Up and Square Up” at 5-Star GOLD with Shards, or get her with Superstar Prize Wall Medallions!

Changes/Improvements in March

We have revamped the structure for our month-long Contest, creating a more exciting and fun way to keep you on your toes throughout the month in WWE Champions.

  • First things first, there will be fewer Showdown Contests during the Monthlong Contest! The new structure sets the foundation for more diverse Contest designs and schedules. (See further below for more details)
    • While there will be 2 Weekend Showdowns during the 5-Week Contest, there will only be 1 Midweek Showdown Tournament!
    • Talent Up Contests will continue to run only in weeks leading up to Feud Weekends, and will contain the same rewards as before
  • Going forward, weekly Game Modes will alternate with more structure and predictability.
    • In weeks leading up to Feud Weekends you will find Blitz and Extreme Rules.
    • In weeks leading up to Showdown Weekends you will find Tours and Faction Boss.
    • In weeks leading up to Faction Boss Weekends you will find Tours and Showdown.
    • The 1st week of each MLC may vary slightly depending on the Weekend Game Mode so that we can ensure it does not feel overloaded.
  • Every day has a purpose and helps with the overall progression. So, log in daily and progress in the weekly MLC Competitions to earn points for the MLC.
  • There are no MLC Points in the Midweek Contests, but they reward you with other valuable MLC Rewards and important Resources (eg. Evo Tokens, Shards, etc).
  • Midweek Rewards can be Titles, Gears, or Moments, while you can earn Resources and monthlong progress in the weekly MLC Competitions.
  • The Superstar Poster Medallions can now be accumulated over the month.
  • The TP and Coin/Evo Contests have been REMOVED, but don’t worry! Their rewards/tasks have been allocated to other Contests.
    • Weeks leading up to Faction Boss/Showdown will have dedicated Contests with Talent-Up tasks (rather than Coin/Evo Contests).
    • During weeks that lead up to Feud, there will still be a Feud Prep Talent Up.
    • The 24-hour Contest at the start contains Kairi Sane Talent-Up Tasks and Rewards, including up to 1,000 Sonya Deville Shards. A 6-Star Bronze Kairi Sane Poster awaits in the TOP Shop Event Milestone at!
  • The Contest Superstar rarity in the Backstage Pass has been increased to 5-Star Silver!
  • All Weekend Debuts and the 2 MLC Superstars will receive a +99 MP in all Game Modes! This boost will be active for their Debut month AND the following month!
  • All previous month’s Debut Superstars will be available in the weekly Road to WrestleMania Loot, as they will be required for certain Contests in March!
    • They (including Kevin Owens and Rhea Ripley) will have +99 MP for the duration of the Road to WrestleMania Contest.

We hope you enjoy these improvements because so much more will come in the following months. Stay tuned!

Kabuki Comeback Launch Contest (24hrs only)

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case, 1,000 Shards of BRAND-NEW Sonya Deville “Hair Up and Square Up” and 1,000 Road to Wrestlemania Prize Wall Emblems.

⚠️ This Launch Contest lasts only 24 hours!

Spend 1 Road to Wrestlemania Loot Coin6,000
Increase Talent of Kairi Sane “Kabuki Warriors” by 1100
Max Milestone5,000,000

Merch Search Collection Contest

Find Merch Search Cases in Road to Wrestlemania Tours, Blitz, and Midweek Contests!

Earn nearly 200M Coins, 20,000 TP, plenty of high rarity Tokens, and up to 10 Road to Wrestlemania Merch Search Superstar Chests with a chance at Posters and Shards that can help you in this Contest.

Ways to progress in the Contest EVERY DAY:

Monday & TuesdayClaim FREE Blitz Tickets in the Store and at to earn Merch Cases in Blitz Rewards.
Wednesday & ThursdayEarn more Merch Search Cases in Midweek Contest Rewards.
Friday, Saturday & SundayFind Collectible Mugs in each Debut Superstar Weekend Contest!


Play weekly Contests and Competitions throughout the month to unlock AWESOME Rewards in Milestones, Tours, and on the Prize Wall.

  • Earn MLC Rewards during the week in dedicated Contests.
  • Midweek Contests come with varying Reward highlights: imagine garnering Titles in Week 1, celebrating Moments in Week 2, and acquiring Gears the subsequent Week.
  • The Feud Prep Talent-Up rewards you with the new Feud Perks and more! Every New Feud comes with new Feud Perks. The following are the Perks for the next Feud:
    • Opponents Green MP -10
    • Opponents Green Gem Dmg -500%
    • Purple Move Dmg +200%
    • 200% Leech Gem Damage
  • Collect enough Medallions in the Solo Contest and redeem them for RARE Superstar Posters on the Retro Rewind Superstar Prize Wall, including a ⭐⭐⭐ 3-Star Gold Sonya Deville “Hair Up and Square Up”!
  • Take part in the monthlong Merch Search Collection Contest and earn Superstar Chests with Posters and Shards.
  • Redeem your earned Emblems on the Prize Wall and choose additional Rewards, such as Shards for BRAND-NEW Sonya Deville “Hair Up and Square Up”, Coins, TP, and Tokens of any Class, Turnbuckles, and much MORE! (Resets Weekly)
    • The WWE Evolution Moment will also be available and requires 10x of the Moment Tokens to unlock instead of the usual 1; each Moment Tokens cost 2500 Emblems and are also available in the Kairi Comeback Contest Leaderboards!
  • Defeat the Kairi Sane “Kabuki Warriors” Tour Boss weekly for Special Medallions that unlock even MORE Rewards.
  • Earn 6-Star Silver Tokens in weekly Challenge Tours!
Collect Keys and redeem them for Contest Superstars in the Road to WrestleMania Briefcase! Get 10 GUARANTEED, very RARE items with every 55 Pulls!

Please note: The Briefcase Loot resets weekly, so players who managed to League Up during the week can also use this Loot.

Talent up your NEW Kairi Sane “Kabuki Warriors” with Tokens, or take a convenient shortcut with our Starter Packs in the Store. TIP: The Pro Starter Pack grants you access to a 50% discount on ALL items on the regular Prize Wall!

🗓 Events Schedule

As mentioned at the beginning, the structure and design of the month-long Events has been changed. Below are the planned Contests for this month and the beginning of next month.

Road to WrestleManaia Contest3/5 at 11:30 am PST
Loot, Perks, Weekly Blitz, Weekly Faction Competition and Tours, Kick-Off Faction Tour Competition, Weekly Community Event at wwechampions.com3/5 at noon PST
Show Full Month
Weekly Events
Faction Competition
Merch Search Collection Blitz
Community Event at
Special EventsStart @ noon PST
Kabuki Comeback Launch Contest (24hrs only)3/5
Showdown Showcase3/9
Feud Prep Talent Up3/11
Extreme Rules Tours3/13
Midweek: XL Superstars3/13
Faction Feud3/16
Stone Cold Day3/16
Faction Boss3/20
Midweek Contest3/20
Showdown Showcase3/23
Feud Prep Talent Up3/25
Extreme Rules Tours3/27
Midweek: Festival of Colors3/27
Flash Feuds3/30
Weeklong: Countdown to Wrestlemania4/1
Faction Boss4/6

Please note:
Events are subject to change

Kairi Sane “Kabuki Warriors” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find valuable Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the Contest, including Tours, Midweek Contests, and MORE!
  • These can evolve and enhance the free Superstar during this monthly Contest.
  • If you want to be ahead, purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop, but there will be enough for FREE to bring her up to 4-Star Gold if you play all Competitions.
  • Consider bringing her up higher with all your Tokens if you get her in Loot!
Show more

Collecting Evo Tokens will grant you Points for the month-long Contest! So, even when you think you don’t need them anymore, keep collecting!

Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:

Evo To:Token Costs
6-Star Silver8000
6-Star Bronze6000
5-Star Gold4000
5-Star Silver2500
5-Star Bronze1500
4-Star Gold700
4-Star Silver575
4-Star Bronze500
3-Star Gold400
3-Star Silver350
3-Star Bronze300
2-Star Gold200
2-Star Silver150

Her Evolution Tokens will change back to regular ones after the Contest is over, which means regular Tokens will be required again.

Limited-Time TOurs and Feud Contest Superstars

Use the Feud Prep Talent Ups to invest in the right Superstars for Feud and Tours!

Show more
ChaptersStart @ noon PST
Wrestlemania III Main Event (Legends Era)- Ends Monday3/5
Ricky Steamboat “Black Belt”3/5
WrestleMania X-Seven Main Event – Ends Friday3/16
Booker T “Can You Dig It”3/15
Modern Era Mania (Female Powerhouse) – Ends Friday3/18
Becky Lynch “The Man”3/17
Contest Superstars for the Flash Feuds on 3/29
Sonya Deville “Hair Up and Square Up”
Roxanne “The Prodigy”
Nikki Cross “Unpredictable”
Any Kairi Sane
Becky Lynch “Bodacious Becky”
Bianca Belair “GlamorEST”
Asuka “The Empress Returns”
Any Bayley
StoneCold “Bionic Redneck”
Samu “Headshrinkers”
Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”
Bubba Ray Dudley “Get the Tables”
D-Vonn Dudley “Get the Tables”
Braun Strowman “Monster Bomb”
Any Dudley’s

6-Star Loot and Offers

Get up to 6-Star SILVER Superstars in this Loot, including the previous month’s Debut Superstars (each week a different one), such as Bray Wyatt “Muscle Man”, Bianca Belair “GlamorEST”, and many MORE!

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