The MITB week is almost here, and we hope you made good progress in our dedicated contest this month. TWO Superstars (Maryse and the Miz) were FREE to obtain by participating in our regular contests, and TWO more are available for those with a higher roster.

But wait, don’t slow down yet; more will come in the following days to get excited about. This weekend grants you another opportunity to earn

  • up to 700 Shards for Trish Stratus in the regular rewards
  • more in Bonus milestones
  • and additional Shards for Triple H “REX REGUM”!

The upcoming weeklong Contest has another load of valuable Bret Hart Shards ready with a Faction competition that rewards your members with a +10 ALL MP Boost for the weekend Feud! Other highlights will be recently released Ultimate Skill Plates and even MORE Triple H “REX REGUM” Shards!

As you can see, earning Shards for the powerful S+ Tier Superstars in the previous month pays off in the long run. Many should finally be able to unlock May’s Super Chases. The same pattern will work for BRAND-NEW S+ Tier Superstar Trish Stratus. Keep pushing for her Shards, even when it’s not enough for her to unlock yet; it might pay off the next month already!

Additionally, the ALL-NEW Universal Champions Club at will feature the all-month-long chases around 2 months after their release. So, this is another perfect opportunity to get them, fulfill future contest requirements, and strengthen your Roster.