Before beginning, make sure that you do NOT have a WWE Champions app/build on your device. Uninstall it completely before proceeding.


  1. You will receive an invitation email to the email address that you provided in the signup survey. This email address must be a registered Apple ID. It’s possible the invite may be sent to spam.
  2. This invitation (which will come from “Testflight” and which should have the subject line of “Scopely has invited you to test WWE Champions 2020) will include a link which takes you to a page that shows a redemption code. This code is used within Testflight.
  3. You will need to download the Testflight app. It can be found in any regions’ iOS App Store. Once Testflight is downloaded and launched, you can find the Redeem button in the top right. Simply input the code from the email and tap “Redeem” and the app will show up in the list on Testflight. From there, there is an install button next to the app.“Redeem” and the app will show up in the list on Testflight. From there, there is an install button next to the app.

Start Up

You will have to complete the Tutorial first, Superstars/Currencies you get will be automatically granted but it might take a few minutes and it will require a restart. Please wait 10 minutes after the tutorial is finished and then restart the game.

Going back to Live

Once done with the Beta, you can uninstall the Testflight build, and then install the live build from the App Store as normal. Once in the live build, you can regain access to your regular account by reconnecting to Facebook in the settings.


If you receive constant connection errors when attempting to return to the live build, you can fix this issue by uninstalling and wiping your Advertising ID before reinstalling the live build, here are instructions on how to wipe the Advertising ID:

  • Open the Device Settings
  • Go to the Privacy tab
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on Advertising
  • Tap the button called “Reset Advertising Identifier…”

Wiping the Ad ID won’t work if any WWE Champions build is still on your device. It has to be done when Champions is uninstalled.