You can find 3 NEW Move Types in the game.

⭐ Combo Moves
⭐ Hardcore Moves
⭐ Reversal Moves

These NEW Moves will lay the foundation for all-new play styles and strategies. Thus, we want to ensure you understand their functionalities and possibilities in your daily and competitive WWE Champions routine.

COMBO MOVES (ONly focussed/aggressive Superstars)

Example: Liv Morgan “ObLIVion”

  • Faction Boss compatible
  • Dodge will work on both of the Move effects together!

HARDCORE MOVES (All Superstars)

Example: “Cowboy” Bob Orton

  • Conditions can depend on
    • Opponent’s Superstar (e.g., Class)
    • Own Superstars (e.g., Health threshold),
    • Gemboard (e.g., 5+ Multiply Gems on the Board)
  • Faction Boss compatible
  • Dodge will work on both of the Move effects together!

REVERSAL MOVES (ONly Chaotic/Defensive Superstars)

Example: Terry Funk “Chainsaw Charlie”

  • The Reversal part of a Move states a Condition, Effect, and Cooldown.
    • A Reversal Condition is met when the Opponent creates a certain number of Color/Mod Gems or activates a particular Move Effect. (e.g., Gems created by Countdown, Juggernaut, and Trap Gems) – They will not work on Gems created by Submissions!
    • As mentioned, the Reversal Effect is activated automatically, like a Passive Move Effect. It ranges from dealing damage to standard Move Effects to ending the Opponent’s turn immediately, effectively stealing their turn.
    • Reversal Cooldown: After a Reversal has been automatically triggered, it will remain on cooldown for a set number of turns, during which it cannot be activated.
  • Dodge does not affect Reversal Moves.
  • Does not work in Faction Boss Mode.
  • Reversals do not work while you are stunned.

Which Superstars will get these MOVES?

  • Upcoming Superstars
  • Superstars that were released in August before R62
  • 28 previously released Superstars
  • Superstars will only have either a Combo, Reversal, or Hardcore Move.
Superstars with a revamped Move*
Undertaker “The Ministry of Darkness”
Bradshaw “The Acolytes” (next week)
Faarooq “The Acolytes” (next week)
D’Lo Brown “The Nation of Domination” (next week)
Kama “The Nation of Domination” (next week)
Logan Paul “The Ultimate Disruptor” (next week)
Solo Sikoa “The Bloodline”
Happy Corbin “Big Bad Wolf”
Wade Barrett “Barrett Barrage”
Sami Zayn “Honorary Uce”
Cody Rhodes “Finish the Story”
Bret Hart “Hart Foundation”
LA Knight “Yeah!”
William Regal “Blue Blood”
Jerry Lawler “Hall of Fame”
Chad Gable “Alpha Academy”
Braun Strowman “Monster Bomb”
WALTER “Ring General”
Jim Neidhart “Hart Foundation”
Scott Steiner “Big Poppa Pump”
Drew McIntyre “Master of the Claymore”
Honky Tonk Man “Mean Guitar”
Omos “The Colossus”
Shawn Michaels “Rocker”
Dominik Mysterio “Defendiendo A La Familia”
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”
Ultimate Warrior “Always Believe”
Becky Lynch “G.O.A.T.”
Nikki Bella “Hall of Fame”
Lita “Rebel by Design”
Raquel Rodriguez “Powerhouse”
Nikki Cross “Unpredictable”
Shotzi “Eat my Tank”
Bianca Belair “ToughEST”
*Revamped Move = An existing Move got updated with an extra Effect.