Whether you are one of our early players or joined recently, every one of our Champions holds a piece of this GLORIOUS milestone! SEVEN freakin’ years of excitement, fun, and challenges and we can’t wait for all the years that are yet to come! 🥳🎉

RETRO REWIND – Monthlong Contest

Of course, we don’t let ourselves get carried away and celebrate in style. We’re throwing it back to the 80s, so enjoy a full RETRO REWIND taking over WWE Champions with modern Superstars in Legends Era disguise for the perfect HIT!

Celebrate with us like a BOSS! Get Kevin Owens for FREE and party on throughout the birthday month for a chance to earn Rhea Ripley in this TOTALLY RAD Retro Celebration!

Enjoy your favorite Superstars in BODACIOUS fashion this month. Find Time Capsules in Retro Rewind Tours, Blitz, Showdown, and Midweek Contests to make progress in the monthlong Collection Contest.

🎁 7 Surprise Parties

THIS MONTH ONLY: We’re adding 7 Surprise Contests with 7 revamped Superstars! These will be 24-hour Contests that launch at different times throughout the month!

For 24 HOURS ONLY you can find the revamped Superstars FOR FREE at 5-Star Bronze on wwechampions.com along with the option to upgrade to 6-Star Bronze, then use them in their Tour for even more CELEBRATORY Rewards!

4 Surprise Parties for the 4 revamped Superstars below happened already, but there are still 3 more to come! Be sure to LOG IN EVERY DAY to catch all of them!


In these Suprise Contests, you can earn BRAND-NEW MP Skill Plates, a special Loot Coin, and even a Premium Skill Plate Bag in the Contest Milestones! Look out for 6 more of these Surprise Parties throughout the rest of the Retro Rewind Anniversary Contest.


Don’t miss out on all Special Contests throughout the month: The People’s Campaign, Love at First Fight, Elimination Chamber, and a Weeklong Finale Birthday Bash, all with totally tubular Rewards!

Join our (almost) daily Livestreams on our official Twitch Channel at https://www.twitch.tv/wwechampions where we celebrate our 7th Anniversary with our Champions throughout this month! Including Contest info, Superstar Reveals, Roster Talk, 6-Star Silver Gameplay, Viewers Choice Gameplay, and of course, GIVEAWAAAAAAYS! 🎉🎁