Hey Champions,

On this page, you can find a LINK to the results of past Faction Feud contests. Due to the high number of participants, it is not possible to present to you the rankings directly on the blog. Thus we are using a sheet that enables you to easily search/filter for your faction and members.

👉 Faction Feud Results Sheet (Yes, this is a link, you can click on it!)

🔍 How to search in the sheet:

Use the common search function of your browser/app such as CTRL+F.

🔧 How to filter in the sheet: (Please note: examples are for the Desktop view)

1. Click on Row #7

2. Then click on the Filter Icon in the upper left menu bar.

3. Create a new temporary filter

4. Click on the Filter icon in the Faction cell and “clear” the list first.

4. Type in your Faction’s name, activate it and confirm with “OK

6. Congrats, you have (hopefully) successfully filtered for your faction!