Tomorrow we’re kicking off Valentine’s Day early with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine activities in the game! In addition, Greg Valentine has received improvements to his move design. Read below for full details.

The Greg Valentine extravaganza features a Limited Time Tour, Gauntlet Blitz, special offers, and 4-Star Bronze Greg Valentine Loot!

Bring Greg Valentine and play his Limited Time Tour in order to win Birthday Bucks, and Greg Valentine Shards to fuse him at 3-Star Silver! In addition, players can also acquire 3 types of Gauntlet Blitz Tickets in order to play the exclusive Greg Valentine Gauntlet Blitz!


Acquire Greg Valentine Blitz Tickets from his Limited Time Tour, or from special offers in the store, and play the Greg Valentine Gauntlet Blitz to win incredible prizes!

Players can find Greg Valentine posters in the Greg Valentine Mega from 1-Star Gold, all the way up to 4-Star Bronze, along with other Superstars.

Greg Valentine Superstar Move Update

Greg Valentine: Stealing Hearts, Stealing Health, Stealing MP

As part of our Valentine’s Day Celebration, we are giving Greg “The Hammer” Valentine a re-work and an upgrade! If you’re reading this, his new Moves are already in the game after a restart!

What’s Changing?

  1. Valentine’s 5th Move, his “Diving Hammerfist,” previously cost 9 MP and stole 8 Green MP from his opponents at Level 12. Now, this move will cost 2 MP and will steal 3 Green MP from his opponents at Level 12.
  2. Valentine’s 6th Move, his “Belly to Back Suplex” previously allowed the player to choose 5 Black Gems to swap to Purple Gems at Level 12. Now, this Move will inflict 12,015 Bleed damage to the Opponent for 4 Turns at Level 12.

Why Are They Changing?

Our character design decisions are based on a combination of playtesting, player feedback and looking at players’ battle data. For Valentine, his Diving Hammerfist was just not competitive with similar top “Steal MP” Moves that exist in the game currently — it costs far too much, making its use unreliable and extremely situational. By lowering the cost of this Move, it ensures that Valentine will be a strong counter to most Technicians, and an extremely strong counter to Superstars that rely on two Green Moves in their top builds.

Similarly, Valentine’s “Belly to Back Suplex” was meant to give players more control over the Gem Board in setting up his Finisher, “Back Elbow Smash,” which deals bonus damage for purple gems on the Board. However, we found that players are not using this Move often even in the 4-Star metagame, in favor of his other Purple Gem creation Moves. We have decided to change this Move to a Bleed Move to allow Valentine to deal more Damage over time as part of his “alternate” build.

These two changes leave Valentine with two viable builds depending on his opponent. Either Bring his two Purple Moves along with his Knife-Edged Chop to create a ton of Purple Gems and set up his Finisher, or bring his two Green Moves and second Black Move against an opponent with Green Moves to 1) steal their MP, 2) steal their health, and 3) bleed their HP bars out!

We hope you enjoy using this Superstar’s newly-revamped Moves in our Limited Time Tour and Blitzes, “Be Mine, Greg Valentine!”