It has come to our attention that some factions are rotating players and “stacking” event points in a way that was not intended in the original event design. While it’s always interesting to see how players use the game we design in creative ways, we also understand that it can have a negative impact on the experience of other players who are using the system as intended.

With that said, we will commit to a few things going forward that we hope to demonstrate both that we are listening to you our players, and that we intend to ensure that future events are compelling and fun to engage with for everyone:

  • We will work to limit this behavior so it will not benefit Factions in this manner during February’s event(s) (and future events as well)
  • We will avoid faction-based monthlong Events with Leaderboard structures that incentivize this type of behavior (as seen this month)
  • We will explore solutions to ensure events perform more to the intended spirit and make this a priority in our future release schedule

In other words, our short term method of addressing this concern–which is bound by our current technological limitations–is to design events differently to help curb this behavior. In the longer term, we are looking at ways to change the technical functionality entirely.

So for this month, we have outlined 3 possible options for players to vote and choose how we proceed. The most popular option will be carried out as soon as possible.

  1. Option 1: A solo Vault will be made available to all players where they can redeem the Tour Medallions they have earned in this month’s event for additional rewards.
  2. Option 2: A 26th Milestone Reward will be added to the existing Icons of Royal Rumble Solo Event that requires earning additional event points and grants 1200 Elias shards and other associated rewards (coins etc.).
  3. Option 3: An additional (challenging!) Blitz will be added that contains Elias shards in the rewards