Hi Champions,

As some of you may have read on the blog, we’ve recently written about an unintended behavior happening with the ability to “stack” event points during events, with factions rotating their members within their multiple sister factions.

While we do certainly recognize the creative and edgy way to make use of existing in-game tools available to players, we also feel strongly about the impact it has on other players and factions, as the community has spoken loud and clear on this matter.

That is why we’ve decided to take a democratic approach and consult all of our players on how to best handle this going forward, as a short term solution.

Please see below the results of our recent Poll:

First, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer. The major traction we had on the poll clearly demonstrates this is an issue that players feel passionate about, striving for healthy competition in the game. More than 4,000 answers have been collected in just 2 days!

Second, it appears quite clear that the community, by a vast majority (66%), would like us to proceed with the first option offered – The Tour Medallion Vault won hands down!

So for the 1st time ever, players will be able to spend Event currency/points (Tour Medallions) in exchange for prizes! The Vault will be available later this month for all players.

And final, please note, as we did highlight in our previous related article, that this is a short term solution only, and that we are currently looking into multiple avenues to have this fully addressed down the road.

Thank you!
– The Dev Team