Medallion Vault

The time has arrived! The Icons of Royal Rumble Solo Medallion Vault is now live! First the 1st time ever, players can spend the Tour Medallions they’ve earned in the Individual Event and earn Token Cases, X-Pac Shards, Elias Shards, and 3-Star Silver Elias poster. Empty the Vault and claim all the rewards.

Need a few more Tour Medallions? We’ve added additional ones in the remaining TP Events. The Vault will remain liveĀ until the 31st, so you have additional time to go through the Icons of Royal Rumble Limited Time Tours and pick up a few more.

2nd Annual Anniversary Talent Up Event

WWE Champions’ 2nd Year Anniversary is getting an early kick off with the 2nd Annual Anniversary Talent Up Event! Work with your Faction and earn amazing prizes! High-value Presents, Headliner Chips, high-end Token Cases, Royal Rumble Loot Coins, and Diamonds can all be won from the milestones. Unlock them with your faction by ranking up your rosters together.

The top 3-placing Factions will also earn a token which they can use to redeem any Superstar already existing in the game at this time. 3 tokens = 3SG, 2 = 2SG, 1 = 1SG. Those with the token will be given a form to fill out following the event.

In addition, a TP Event has been launched to allow players to go all out and bring their Superstars to all-new levels.