Edit (4/4/2019):

The update should be available NOW! Depending on your preferred app store it might take a little while until the rollout has reached your device. That is nothing we can control on our ends but we hope everyone can enjoy the latest release of WWE Champions 2019 soon!

Also, we have added one more feature requested by you guys, a “Heal All” function for your faction chat! 🙂

Let us know what you think of this release but please try to be constructive! 🙂

Hey Champions

Earlier this year we celebrated with you the second anniversary of WWE Champions. With spring entering the ring and Wrestlemania coming up we want to proffer you now the cherry on top of ‘em all! We proudly introduce to you a newly improved WWE Champions 2019!

Experience the game as never before, with updated visuals, new animations and a revamped VS mode called SHOWDOWN! But let’s dive right into the full content of this major update for WWE Champions 2019!


  • New PvP Showdowns
  • Visual Improvements
  • New Background Music
  • Updated Daily Events

Please continue reading for a detailed overview. ⇩

NEW PvP Showdowns

What is Showdown?

With Showdown we present you an improved versus mode that allows you to battle other managers in a more competitive and alternative way.

What is new?

The basic versus mechanics are still there but to provide you with a more variable experience, we worked on additions that will put this mode on a new level. Here is a short overview of what has been added for you:

  • Multiple Tournaments
  • Improved Matchmaking
  • New Showdown Currency
  • New Showdown Shop

Multiple Tournaments
  • Tournaments are self-contained time-limited events that allow you to compete with others in Showdown.
  • When active, you can take part in battles, earn rewards and post scores to the leaderboard.


Joining a Tournament
  • A Tournament can have predefined requirements which you must satisfy to participate in it.
    • Requirements can be gender-specific, such as male, female or mixed only.
    • The requirements apply to both the Defensive and Offensive teams.
  • All eligible players will be auto-joined to all currently active Tournaments and any Tournament that will become active in the near future.
    • You will get added to the Tournaments only when you open the game. Once joined, you need not to be active in the game to be selected as opponents by matchmaking.
    • If you don’t meet the requirements for a Tournament, you cannot join it.
  • By default, the game will auto set a Defense Team team for everyone. You can change this whenever you want to.
  • Upon joining a Tournament, all players are initially placed in the starting League.

    Tournament Leaderboards
  • Every Tournament has two leaderboards attached to it. These leaderboards are common to all players in that Tournament, across all leagues.
  • There are two kinds of leaderboards:
    • Player – Contains all players in that Tournament
    • Faction – Contains all players that are part of your Faction and part of the Tournament
  • On both the leaderboards, you can see
    • Rank
    • Name
    • Faction a player belongs to
    • Notoriety
    • Change in rank (since last player session)
  • Only top 100 players are listed on the leaderboard. If you are not part of the top 100, you can’t see yourself on the leaderboard. Instead, you can see your Notoriety on the main page.
  • You need to play at least one battle in the Tournament to be listed on the leaderboard.
  • Notoriety are the points used to rank everyone on the leaderboard in a Tournament.
  • Each Tournament has its own Notoriety count per player. Notoriety from one Tournament does not affect the other Tournament.
  • Notoriety is gained on Offense/Defense win and lost on Offense/Defense loss

 Please note:

Once you have installed the new update, you will notice that your Notoriety has been reset to 200. This is necessary to ensure all players start off in Showdown on equal footing. Additionally, we will end the current VS Tournament before the update which means you won’t see any VS Tournaments in-game until the new version hits the store and your device.

You don’t have to worry about your current VS. rewards, you will get them at the end of the season! On top of that, Champions who were ranked 1-100 before the update will get an extra reward in addition to all the other normal rewards in this mode! Those rewards will be sent out via an In-game message. This message will also clearly indicate the start of Showdown!


Tournament Teams
  • Defense Team
    • When a Tournament is made active, the game will auto set the Defense Team for all eligible players. You can change your Defense Team at any point.
    • The Superstars that can be set in the Defense Team depends on the requirement of the Tournament. For example, if the Tournament requirement says Mixed Match only, then you are forced to set one Women’s and one Men’s Division Superstar as your Defense Team.
    • Superstars defeated during defense will not go into an injured state. You will only lose Notoriety on defense loss.
    • Your Defense Team will be used as opponents for other players.
    • The Defense Team can be the same as the attacking team.
    • Superstars assigned to a Gauntlet Blitz, Faction Feud, or Invasion can still be assigned to the defense team and are not locked. They can’t be used in the Attack Team.
    • When your defenders are defeated, you will be protected for a short period of time from additional battles.
      • If you are under protection but launch a Battle yourself, you’ll lose your protection early.
  • Offense Team
    • The Offense Team is the Superstar pair you use to battle other opponents in Showdown Mode.
    • The Offense Team uses Superstars from your Roster.
    • Any effect that the Superstar faces in Showdown will be reflected to the Superstar across the game. For example, an injury to a Superstar used on offense will apply to the Superstar in other modes also.
    • Injured Superstars will need to be recovered before being used on your Offense Team.
    • Superstars set in Defense can be used on Offense. This will not affect the health of Superstars on the Defense Team.
    • Superstars that have been assigned to a Gauntlet Blitz or active Faction Feud can’t be used on your Offense Team.

Tournament Rewards
  • In an active Tournament, you can earn rewards from the following activities:
    • Winning an Offensive Battle (up until the League Cap)
    • Winning a Defensive Battle
    • Weekly reward
  • Within a Tournament, you can earn the following resources
    • Notoriety
    • Showdown Coins
    • Player XP
    • Faction XP
  • Your Superstars can now earn some health back at the end of a match!
    • Based on the number of loot boxes matched, you will get extra health (if you win the battle)
  • You can also lose Notoriety when you lose on Offense or Defense.
  • There is no rank reward based on leaderboard standings.
  • There is a daily limit to the amount of Showdown Coins you can earn/day, which grows as you move up in Leagues.

Improved Matchmaking
  • The matchmaking has been optimized to give you a more fair and balanced Showdown experience!
  • If you are still not satisfied with your matchmaking results you can refresh them manually for coins.
  • The cost to refresh matchmaking scales with the number of times you refresh without playing a battle.

Showdown Coins
  • Showdown Coins are earned on each time your Offense or Defense team wins, based on the League you are in.
  • There is a limit on the amount of Showdown Coins you can earn within a given period for the offense victories.
    • The limit of Showdown Coins earned only resets when the time limit expires.
    • The reset duration can be different across Tournaments but will be fixed for all Leagues in that Tournament.
    • By default, reset duration is set to 24 hours (daily).
    • Showdown Coins earned from defense victories do not count toward the daily limit for that Tournament.
  • The amount of Showdown Coins earned during the reset period is persistent and promotion/demotion does not reset this value. However, promotion/demotion can affect the max earnable currency before the reset occurs.
  • At the end of a Showdown Battle, you can also see the amount of Showdown Coins (and your limit!), XP and Notoriety you earned in the battle.

Showdown Shop
  • The Showdown Shop can be accessed by tapping on the Showdown Shop button from within an active Tournament.
  • The Showdown Shop is shared between all Tournaments.
  • The button will show a “NEW” badge when it has been refreshed (default refresh is daily).
  • You will also get the chance to manually refresh the shop for a small amount of Cash.
  • Here are some examples you could get in the shop:
    • Superstar Posters and Shards (some unique to Showdown!)
    • Coins
    • Cash
    • Evo Tokens
    • TP (any color)
    • Gear and Gear Chips
    • Health Packs
    • Auto-clear tickets
    • …and more
  • Items in the Showdown Shop can only be bought with Showdown Coins. If you don’t have enough Showdown Coins, you can’t substitute the deficit by paying any other currency.

Visual Improvements

  • New WWE Champions 2019 logo and loading screen!
  • Overhauled visuals on the Home Screen including…
    • Improved Battle Menu clarity and legibility
    • Clear CLAIM state for Free Bag and Shane O’ Mac Contract
    • NEW background featuring WRESTLEMANIA
    • …and more!
  • Gem Board and Gems update!
  • New Gem break and drop animations and effects!
  • Updated the ring and the lighting during a Match!
  • New fan signs!

New Background Music

  • With this update, four new songs will replace the old ones in the game:
    • “Hail to the Crown” (WWE 205 Live)
    • “Come Alive” (WWE Raw Bumper)
    • “Rage” (NXT)
    • “Take a Chance” (WWE SmackDown Live) 

New “Heal All” Function

  • You can now press a single button to assign health tokens to every open heal request in your faction chat!

Updated Daily Events 

Dean’s Daily will be replaced with Deadman’s Daily, featuring the one and only Undertaker, who is waiting for his next victims!




We are constantly trying to solve the issues you report to us. Some fixes may take more time than others but we assure you there is no update without any fixes! This time, among others, we have fixed some event related issues including the following:

  • Players on low-resolution devices got stuck after finishing a match in Faction Feuds.

We are aiming to release this update next week, but do not take this as guaranteed and be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances. As soon as we have more precise info on the release date, we will let you know.

Once the new version has been published in your preferred store, you can download it. Please keep in mind, the approval and publishing process for each store can differ and is something we sadly can’t control on our ends. Depending on that, some players might see the update before others.

Enjoy the new WWE Champions 2019!

Your Dev Team