A wise man once said, “to be THE MAN, you gotta beat THE MAN”…or you start a REVOLUTION, Booyaka!

This April’s monthly event is called Becky Lynch Revolution and as you know, there is no revolution without Becky! She is finally making her debut to WWE Champions 2019 and you can unlock her throughout this event.

How to get her?

Becky Lynch Revolution is a multi-week event containing activities that will reward you for getting and spending Protein Shakesto earn great prizes. Play through the limited Time Tours, Feuds, Blitz, Faction and additional supporting events to be THE MAN!

HINT: Do you have any Triple Hs hanging around? Awesome, grab a female Tag-Team partner and finish off the respective tour to get a 1 Star Bronze Becky Lynch Lass Kicker Poster right at the beginning of this event. But there are of course more ways to get Becky Lynch, especially with the help of this month’s event currencies.

Event Currencies

  • Besides the aforementioned Protein Shakeswhich can be used in the respective vault for additional rewards – including The Man shards – you can also win Becky Lynch Goggles  By spending those in the Becky Lynch Revolution Briefcase, you can earn even more Superstars and shards.
  • Becky Lynch Goggles will also be part of an upcoming Faction Feud!

Limited Time Tours

  • Play through the Becky Lynch Revolution Limited Time Tours in order to win Becky Lynch Goggles, Protein Shakes, Headliner Chips, Diamonds, and Token Cases!

A new Tour will launch every few days and will require one of the Superstars listed below.

  • Open Female Super Stars
  • Any HHH
  • Becky Lass Kicker
  • Natalya
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Njax
  • Rowdy Piper
  • Any Charlotte Flair
  • Alexa and any Strowman
  • Trickster Andre The Giant
  • Asuka
  • Any Kane
  • Paige

Becky Lynch Revolution Events

  • Look for events nested under this banner for more ways to earn Protein Shakes:

 Event Schedules

  • As mentioned above you can earn more event currencies in our scheduled events during this month. Check the event calendar and find out when to prepare for the next Faction Feud, Gauntlet Blitz, Limited Time Tours, or extra point events.
  • Since we are already into April, the Becky Lynch Revolution will last 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks (starting on April 8th) but we have adjusted the respective milestone to make it fair for everyone to achieve the goals in the given timeframe.

So, can you be THE MAN? Let’s find out!

Your Dev Team