Hey Champions,

It is time to wake up! Clear your mind, find your inner self and become WOKEN Matt Hardy! It is true, a new Superstar debuts in WWE Champions 2019 and you can get him in the dedicated Ultimate Deletion Gauntlet Blitz contest and the Ultimate Deletion Loot!

General contest info:

  • The Ultimate Deletion Blitz runs from May 10th until May 13th.
  • To participate you will need special Blitz tickets which can be obtained from:
    • Respective offers
    • Ultimate Deletion Loot Coin offers
  • Required Superstars for this Blitz are the Hardy Boyz:
    • Any Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy
  • Face your opponents with the Twist of Fate and win awesome rewards, including guaranteed Woken Matt Hardy shards from Hard mode!
    • Collect those shards and unlock him at 3sg!
  • As mentioned in the beginning, you will also get the chance to obtain a 4-Star Bronze “Woken” Matt Hardy in the Ultimate Deletion Loot!
    • And more Blitz tickets in case you need some more shards for him.
  • Choose your preferred path to enlightenment and become WOKEN!

Wanna know how a 4-Star Bronze”Woken” Matt Hardy looks and plays like? Check out this little preview video by Guersan’s Gaming:

Pretty darn cool, huh? You should definitely not miss out!

Your Dev Team