This weekend, suitcases full of dreams, hopes, and bucks will be ready to grab! Reach for the opportunity to win amazing rewards and a Lifetime Membership! Welcome to this year’s Money in the Bank contest!

Wanna know what has been changed compared to last year’s Money in the Bank? Then let’s talk turkey, you’re gonna be surprised!

General Info:

  • The Money in the Bank contest starts Friday, 5/17 at 12 pm PST and lasts until Monday, 5/20 at 12 pm PST.
  • This time not only one but two separate Blitzes will be waiting for you:
    • A Money in the Bank Blitz, which requires normal/free Blitz Tickets and the following Superstars:
      • Normal Mode: (2-Star)
      • Hard Mode: (3-Star)
      • Hell mode: Any Seth Rollins, Any Roman Reigns (3-Star), AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One” (3-Star), Daniel Bryan (3-Star)
    • A Becky Lynch Blitz, which requires special Blitz Tickets and the following Superstars:
      • Normal/Hard/Hell Mode: Any Becky Lynch and Female Superstars (2-Star/3-Star/4-Star)
  • Each Blitz comes with Normal, Hard and Hell difficulty.

Also, for the first time ever in a Money in the Bank contest, both Blitzes contain Money in the Bank
Bucks, whereas the Becky Lynch Blitz will also contain a variety of resources and a larger amount of Bucks!

  • The Money in the Bank Bucks can be used for Loot which will also earn you Points in the Money in the Bank Single Player Contest, also a new addition to this year’s Money in the Bank!
    • Another way to earn points is by using Money in the Bank Loot Coins (which are only available in offers).

But that’s not all, there is one more way to get points for this contest. Oh yeah, you better keep reading or you’ll miss it! 🙂


  • We have added a Money in the Bank Tour to this year’s contest, which will enable you to get additional great first time rewards, such as:

    • Superstar Shake-Up Coins and Keychains
    • Headliner Chips
    • Coins
    • 100 special Blitz tickets for a FREE Becky Lynch Blitz run on Normal mode

Now, *drum roll*, please! You will get the chance to earn 120 Rey Mysterio shards in this Money in the Bank Tour (Hell mode)! For the first time ever an alternative way of chasing the monthly Vault Superstar!

    • By collecting those Rey Mysterio shards you will gain points towards the aforementioned Single Player contest.
    • The following Superstars will be required for the Tour
      • Any Kevin Owens
      • Any Roman Reigns
      • Any Andre The Giant
      • Any Seth Rollins
  • You will be able to open a special Briefcase (Bronze/Silver/Gold) at the end of each Blitz.
    • Inside are random resources and a chance at a Nikolai Volkoff “The Russian” poster!
    • Depending on the difficulty, the poster will be at 3-Star Bronze/Silver/Gold
    • The Hell mode of the Becky Lynch Blitz has even a “Platinum” Briefcase where you can get any of those 3 Poster and also a 4-Star Bronze!
  • Prizes for the Single Player contest are as follows:
    • 6200000 Coins
    • 10250 Diamonds
    • 8x 4sg Token
    • 12x 4ss token
    • Max milestone: 30000 points

Top Ranks


1st Place

Lifetime Champions Club Elite Membership
4-Star Bronze Dusty Rhodes Poster
50000 Cash
10000000 Coins

2nd Place

Free 1 Year Army Pass
3-Star Gold Dusty Rhodes Poster
25000 Cash
7500000 Coins

3rd Place

3-Star Bronze Dusty Rhodes Poster
15000 Cash
6000000 Coins

4th Place

2-Star Bronze Dusty Rhodes Poster
12500 Cash
4000000 Coins

That’s it Champions, enjoy the changes coming with this year’s Money in the Bank contest and Good Luck!

Your Dev Team