Hey Champions,

Jump into a tub of sunscreen and put your casual swimwear on, this weekend is gonna be hot! Stone Cold invites you to his very own Summer Shindig!

This is the ultimate chance to recruit “The Texas Rattlesnake” to your roster! Kick off summer, participate with your faction in this contest and you might call this 3-Star Showboat Steve Austin your own!

Contest Info:

  • The Summer Shindig starts on Friday 5/24, at 12 pm PDT and will last until Monday 5/27, at 12 pm PDT.
  • This Kick-Off party contains a hell-raising Tour, very attractive offers and Loot and even gives bonus points for participating in the Superstar Shake-Up Gauntlet Blitz!
  • Dominate the Blitz (Hell mode = 3000 tickets) and support your faction with your earned points and the top rewards in the faction (no single) contest are within your reach! (max 1500000 points)
  • If you collect enough points you will get precious Stone Cold “The Texas Rattlesnake” shards and bags full of Diamonds, Headliner Chips and up to 4s tokens as rewards throughout the milestones.
  • Let’s have a look at the contest rules:
    • Acquire 1 Stone Cold Cooler (100 pts) (available in offers with very high value!)
    • Hell Mode Win (125 pts)
    • Hard Mode Win (42 pts)
    • Normal Mode Win (25 pts)
  • But don’t worry, even if you can’t collect them all, you will be able to battle your way through the Summer Shindig Tour!
    • Steve Cold “Austin 3:16″ will be required
      • You can also get a chance on a 4-Star Bronze Stone Cold “Austin 3:16″ in special Loot!
    • You can earn Superstar Shake-Up Keychains (max 7000) in Normal mode and Superstar Shake-Up Coins (100000) in Hard mode
    • Hell mode is waiting with a Bronze/Silver/Gold bag and a 4s token case for you!
      • Depending on the rarity of the bag, earning all 3 bags will get you a guaranteed minimum of 100 Stone Cold “The Texas Rattlesnake” shards, with a chance at more!

So, if you fancy this
awesome Showboat or if you need extra Superstar Shake-Up Coins (and Keychains) for your monthly Vault, this is your chance! Don’t miss out!

And that’s the bottom line, ‘cause Stone Cold said so!

Your Dev Team