WWE history is a very important key element in WWE Champions 2019. You can manage and battle Superstars of different eras to revisit and to create your dream matches!

To keep this authentic experience ongoing, we are planning to implement additional eras to the game which will benefit your current Superstars management!

An era that will make its debut with the upcoming monthly contest is the Ruthless Aggression era which can be classified between the years ~2002 and ~2008. Subsequently, there will be changes to some Superstars who will move from the Attitude and Modern era to the Ruthless Aggression era.

Why this change?

Well, to give you an easy example, it doesn’t really make sense to have Mark Henry “World’s Strongest Man” in the Modern era with Superstars like Elias, or e.g Bret Hart “Hit Man” and John Cena “Chain Gang” in the same era. So the Ruthless Aggression era will ensure that authenticity and versatility are granted.

Link Bonus:

We will not only move them to another era, but those Ruthless Aggression Superstars will also get a unique link bonus and 9K Trainer abilities!

Here is a list of the current Ruthless Aggression Superstars, plus their 9K Trainer abilities:

RA Superstars

Current Trainer Ability


Batista “The Animal” Red Moves deal 45% more damage. 1 Red MP, +5% Red Move Damage
Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing” Receive 40% less damage from Purple Moves. 30% Green Move damage, +5% Purple Move Defense
Goldberg “Who’s Next?” Receive 30% less damage from Red Gems. 25% Blue Gem damage, +5% Red Gem Defense
John Cena “Chain Gang” Receive 30% less Damage from Blue Gems. 25% Yellow Gem damage, +5% Blue Gem Defense
John Cena “Ruthless Aggression” Red Moves deal 45% more damage. 30% Purple Move damage, +5% Red Move Damage
Kane “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” Moves that destroy Multiply Gems will destroy 5 more. Destroy 1 more Black Gem
Mark Henry “World’s Strongest Man” Moves that destroy Botch Gems will destroy 5 more. 25% Botch Gem damage
Randy Orton “The Legend Killer” Receive 30% less damage from Green Gems. 25% Red Gem damage, +5% Green Gem Defense
Shane McMahon “Shane O Mac” Yellow Gems do 35% more Damage. 1 more Yellow Gem, +5% Yellow Gem Damage
Undertaker “The Last Outlaw” Power Gem strength increased by 50%. 1 more Power Gem, +3% Power damage


You may already see some of the new posters for those aforementioned superstars in your roster but this is just a visual change for now. It won’t change the way you are currently using these Superstars. It will also have no impact on the upcoming Faction Feud!

There will be more Superstars joining this historical era very soon! So stay tuned for more info! 😉

Your Dev Team