Update (6/12, 4pm PDT):

We have changed the rarity of the Edge “Rated-R Superstar” Poster which you can get with the Rated-R coins, fromĀ 3-Star Bronze to 3-Star Silver! šŸ™‚

Original Post:

Hey Champions,

Are you extreme enough to relive WWE history this June? Be ruthless and on the edge with your fiercest opponents. Choose the right move-sets to make the difference and win awesome rewards, but watch out they might be rated R! šŸ˜‰

Join Team Xtreme and the monthlong contest from June 3rd, at 12 pm PDT until June 30th!

This time it’s featuring some unique Limited-Time Perks, they are focused on this month’s motto: Power VS Gem Break and are completely optional but they will definitely help you to step up in your game. Unusual move-sets can be the key, so pick your Superstars wisely!

Following you see a list of available buffs and debuffs coming with those Limited-Time Perks:

Perk Effects (min and max)
1 Blitz Power gem dmg +5% to +60%
Generate x-break +1 to +6
Green Gem dmg +10% to +60%
2 Tours Health +5% to +20%
All starting MP +1 to +3
Generate green Gems +1
3 Showdown (defensive) Opponentsā€™ starting MP -1 to -5
Opponentsā€™ +Color Gem Generation Trainers -25% to -75%
Generate column +2
4 Showdown(offensive) +1 Yellow Gem generation
+1 Blue Gem generation
+1 to +2 all color Gem generation
All Gem damage +5% to +20%

Generate row +2
5 Feud (dmg) All Gem damage +3% to +15%
All Move damage +5% to +25%
All Finisher damage +35%
6 Feud (gems) +Color Gem Generation Trainers +25%
+1 to 2 Color Gem generation
Opponents +Color Gem Trainers -25% to -50%
Opponents -2 all Color Gem generation
+2 all move Color Gem destruction
7 Feud (mp) Blue matches +1 MP
All matches +1 to 2 MP
Red matches +1 MP
All starting MP +1 to +2
Yellow matches +1 MP
Submission turns +3

A full description and a list of the Limited-Time Perks can be found HERE.

Speaking of Superstars, we know many of you have waited for this moment and we don’t want you to wait any longer, as part of Team Xtreme, we welcome Lita to WWE Champions 2019!

And to make everyone a part of Team Xtreme, you will get her for FREE throughout this month’s Solo Contest and the Kick-Off Talent Up contest which can be used to improve her and to progress faster in this monthly contest!

Not only Lita will make her debut, but we also have two more highly requested Superstars coming to the game! No less a figure than Edge ā€œRated-R Superstarā€ and Kurt Angle ā€œIntensity, Integrity, Intelligenceā€ will join WWE Champions 2019 and the newly introduced Ruthless Aggression era in the course of the month!

– It’s true, it’s damn true!

General Contest Info:

  • You can make progress and earn great rewards by collecting and spendingĀ Winged Heart Coins!
    • They are available in Time Limited Tours, Feuds, Blitz, Faction, Showdown Tournament, and additional supporting contests.
    • You can also obtain Team Xtreme Ladders by doing those contests and earn more Superstars and shards in the Team Xtreme Briefcase
  • Collect Rated-R Coins to get Edge ā€œRated-R Superstarā€ shards, gear and a 3-Star Silver Poster

Ā  The Team Xtreme Vault won’t be available with contest start and will come at a later time. So meanwhile, be extreme, collect as many coins as possible, you won’t regret it!


āŒ› Limited-Time Tours

Play through these Tours in order to win required contest currencies and other great rewards. A new Tour will launch every few days. The first week will require one of the Superstars below, more will be added soon and can be viewed in our event calendar.


  • Lita ā€œTeam Xtremeā€
  • Any Triple H
  • Any Shawn Michaels
  • Any two Membership Superstars
  • Goldust “Shattered Dreams”
  • Big John Studd “True Giant”
  • Hardy Boyz

Ā Team Xtreme Contests

  • Look for Contests under this banner for more ways to earn Winged Heart Coins, Team Xtreme Ladders and Perk currencies!

This monthly contest will also contain several rewards- and contest-related changes. So, let’s hop straight into it:

  • The Team Xtreme Tours will be less restrictive and more accessible for active players.
  • The amount of required Gauntlet BlitzĀ tickets for Hard mode has been increased but it is now less-time consuming to get rewards out of it. You and your faction can benefit from it and make progress in the respective point contests.
  • HavingĀ Ruthless AggressionĀ era Superstars will bring you additional benefits in upcoming Gauntlet Blitzes
  • The TP contest will last 7 days now and will reset afterward. (No changes to the Coin/Evo contest)
    • An additional milestone has been added.
    • No TP contest in the first week, due to the Kick-Off Talent Up at contest start.
  • The Showdown Tournament has been adjusted based on your feedback and will return during this month!
  • We will add alternative ways to obtain high-class tokens!

Ā Event Schedules

  • As mentioned above you can earn more contest currencies in our scheduled contests during this month. Check the event calendar and find out when to prepare for the next Faction Feud, Gauntlet Blitz, Limited Time Tours, or extra point contests.

Your Dev Team