Hey Champions,

The Showdown Tournament is finally back! We have redesigned this contest in a way to help you to make faster progress. This could not be done without you and your feedback and we hope you will enjoy it. Succeed in this contest and become the undisputed Showdown Champion! #PowerVSGemBreak

General Info:

  • The Showdown Tournament starts on June 7th at 4 pm PDT and will last for 48 hours.
  • It’s gonna be male vs male, so get your Superstars in shape!
  • You will have two contests active:
    • Faction Contest (9 milestones, max 9.399.999 points)
    • Solo Contest (8 milestones, max 144.999 points)
  • The tournament comes with a temporary separate 4-league tournament, unrelated to the persistent Showdown tournaments. Points gained for this league don’t carry over to the other leagues.


Showdown Tournament Leagues
0-199 Notoriety (previously 0-299)
200-299 Notoriety (previously 300 -599)
300-499 Notoriety (previously 600 1099)
500+ Notoritiey (previously 1100)



Points and Rewards:

  • Points can be earned as follows:
    • Win a Showdown match (100 Points)
    • Earn Showdown Coins (5 Points)
    • Use Health packs (10 Points)
    • Use Faction heals (3 Points)
  • Strategize with your faction to earn the most Showdown coins!
  • Any Showdown wins and earned Showdown coins you and your faction get, will earn points in the contests, including the persistent Showdown tournaments.
  • The higher your league, the more and faster points you can make!
  • However, the special limited-time tournament this weekend offers far greater opportunity to earn Showdown coins and points.
  • As always, there is a maximum number of Showdown coins you can win during a 24-hour period, dependent on the tournament itself and the league in which you’re competing.
  • Don’t forget about defensive wins! Who are your most effective defenders?
  • You will get the chance to win the following rewards:

    • Erick Rowan, up to 4-Star Bronze
    • Diamonds
    • Headliner Chips
    • Loot box Coins
    • Team Xtreme Winged Heart Coins
    • Team Xtreme Ladders
    • Rated-R Bags
    • Showdown Coins
    • Blitz tickets
    • Random 4SS tokens
    • Coins


Throughout this Tournament, you can use the Limited-Time
Showdown Perks! Make sure to unlock them and to level them up to give yourself a strong advantage! The motto is Power VS Gem Break!


Showdown (defensive) Opponents’ starting MP -1 to -5
Opponents’ +Color Gem Generation Trainers -25% to -75%
Generate column +2
Showdown(offensive) +1 Yellow Gem generation
+1 Blue Gem generation
+1 to +2 all color Gem generation
All Gem damage +5% to +20%

Generate row +2


But that’s not all, additionally, you will get the chance to help your Faction out with special limited-time offers and a limited-time-only Showdown Medkit with unprecedented value on health packs for you and heals for your Faction!



Please read:

  • Some Android players might experience an issue where the second Tag Partner does not receive MP after switching for the first time even when the first Superstar matches gems that have the same color as the second one’s move color before.
  • We are still working on fixing this in one of our upcoming updates.


Good Luck in the Showdown Tournament!

We are eager to get your Feedback on it to improve this contest even more for you, our Champions!

Your Dev Team