Hey Champions,

With our latest update which is currently rolling out, we introduced not only new store visuals and did a lot of bug fixing, but we also took the opportunity and added another way you can redeem your monthly contest rewards.

Previously you could spend your earned contest currency in a dedicated monthly Vault, split into sections which could be unlocked over time the more you have used it, leaving you with crossed fingers and hoping for the desired items to drop. Give your fingers a break (not literally!), with our brand-new Prize Wall, you will now be able to use your contest currency directly on the categories of items you would like to get!

There will be several options available for you. Do you need 4-Star tokens or are you short on Blitz tickets or TP? No problemo, with the new Prize Wall you are able to choose on your own!

Here is a list of the item categories, that will be part of the monthlong Team Xtreme contest.

Requires Rated-R coins:

  • Edge “Rated-R Superstar” shards
  • 3-Star Silver Edge “Rated-R Superstar”
  • Edge “Rated-R Superstar” gear

Requires Winged Heart Coins:

  • Random 4-Star Gold token
  • Random 4-Star Silver token
  • Random 3-Star Silver token
  • Random 2-Star Gold token
  • Random 2-Star Silver token
  • Safes
  • Diamonds
  • Headliner Chips
  • 3-Star Shard Ships
  • Blitz Tickets
  • Coins
  • TP
  • and more!

⚠  Please note:

The new Prize Wall is not meant to be emptied! You can choose and spend the collected currency in every category you like but you should do it strategically because the Prize Wall contains more items than the available monthly contest currency.


We would also like to remind you on our brand-new Diamond Headliner Loot, which enables you to spend your Diamonds on random 4-Star Gold and Silver tokens!

Overall, all these improvements will give you more flexibility and options for what you really need to make progress in your game!

We hope you like this new addition and we are happy to hear your feedback on it to improve it even more.


The Prize Wall will be activated In-game once we have made the latest update mandatory for everyone to play the game. We are aiming for this week, the latest next week.


Your Dev Team