Hey Champions,

Once upon a time, there was a man riding limousines, flying jets, stealing kisses and winning Championships. He created a legacy continued by his daughter. WWE has plenty of those stories to tell and Father’s Day (US) seems like the perfect occasion to celebrate these relationships!

This will also be your opportunity to get your hands on the latest addition to WWE Champions 2019, the Powerhouse Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence”! Oh, it’s true!

Participate in this weekend’s Father Day event to get a chance at a 3-Star Gold Poster of Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” and respective shards!

Ok, let’s dive right into the basics:

    • The contest starts on Friday, June 14th, at 12 pm PDT and will last until Monday, June 16th, at 12 pm PDT.
    • It is focused on Father-son/daughter Tag matches, you might be surprised who is following in the footsteps of their father.
    • You will get 5 Father-son/daughter Tours and one open mixed Tag Team Tour. Required Superstars will be:

      • Any Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair “2nd Nature”
      • Vince McMahon + Shane McMahon “SHANE O MAC”
      • Jason Jordan “American Alpha” and any Kurt Angle
      • Jim Neidhart “The Anvil” + Natalya “Queen of Harts”
      • Dusty Rhodes “The American Dream”+ any Goldust
      • Male + Female Open
    • Rewards for those Tours will be:
      • Kurt Angle Blitz Bag, which contains Tickets for the Kurt Angle Victory Blitz or chance to win  a 2-Star Bronze Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” Poster
      • Kurt Angle Shard Bag (contains at least 100 guaranteed shards, and chance to win up to 800)
      • 2, 3 and 4-Star Tokens
      • Team Xtreme Safe
      • Team Xtreme Winged Heart Coins
      • Coins
    • If you are missing one of the required Superstars for these Tours, you can try to get them by playing the Faction Feud starting on Friday, June 10th at 4 pm PDT until June 11th at 4 pm PDT
      • In its Solo Contest, you can earn the following Superstars
        • 2-Star Gold Natalya “Queen of Harts”
        • 2-Star Gold Shane McMahon “SHANE O MAC”
        • 2-Star Gold Kurt Angle “The Olympic Hero”
        • 2-Star Gold Ric Flair “The Nature Boy”
        • 2-Star Gold Jim Neidhart “The Anvil”
        • 2-Star Gold Jason Jordan “American Alpha”

    • Two Kurt Angle related Blitzes will be running, which give you the chance to collect Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” shards and very valuable rewards!
  • Any Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan “American Alpha” Blitz
        • Contains 100 Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” shards!
        • Costs 100 Tickets available only in the Store
  • The Kurt Angle Victory Blitz
      • Requires Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence”
      • This one is an Extra Blitz for everyone who got the new Powerhouse already.
      • You can earn awesome additional rewards like 4-Star tokens, 4-Star token cases, Diamonds, Coins and Headliner Chips!
      • Costs 100 Tickets available in the first node of each tour (up to 2 full runs!) and available for purchase in the Store

Enjoy Father’s Day and Good Luck on your hunt for Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence”!

And if you want to know how he performs in the ring, check out the community videos in our Youtube Playlist -> bit.ly/WWECVIDEOS.

Your Dev Team