Hey Yo, Champions!

We hope you are enjoying the Return of nWo so far. To make it even more enjoyable we will start an extra Chapter for you with the already known Return of nWo Tours but this time with plenty of Bandanas as rewards! This will help you and your factions to make even more progress in the Faction contest!

The new Chapter will open tomorrow, Thursday, July 11th, at 12 pm PDT.

Original Post (7/5/2019)

The boyz are back…did you miss them? After mixing up this years Wrestlemania, the nWo finally returns to WWE Champions! Your chance to get Scott Hall “Outsider” and Kevin Nash “Big Kev” at 3-Star Gold and to unleash the Macho Madness with some extra shards for Randy Savage “nWo”!

As promised at the end of our nWo meets Wrestlemania contest back in March, you will now get another chance to earn missing shards and to unlock Randy Savage “nWo” at 3-Star Bronze! Oooh Yeah!

Besides these great Superstars, you can line your empty pockets with valuable resource rewards to make progress in your Roster and game!


  • The Return of nWo will take place from Friday, July 5th at 12 pm PDT until Friday, July 12th at 12 pm PDT.

Limited-Time Tours

  • Throughout this week we will successively activate the following Limited-Time Tours:
    •  Syxx Tour
    •  Kevin Nash Tour
    •  Another Syxx Tour
    •  Scott Hall Tour
    •  Macho Man Tour
  • Starting with the Syxx Tour on Sunday, July 7th you can earn shards for Kevin Nash “Big Kev” who is needed in the subsequent tour.
    • A minimum of 300 shards and with luck enough to unlock him already at 3-Star Gold.
    • Requirements are Syxx “nWo”, Big Show “The Giant”, Bret Hart “The Excellence of Execution” and any Macho Man.
  • The Kevin Nash “Big Kev” Tour requires Kevin Nash “Big Kev”, any nWo and Rick Rude “Ravishing”
  • The second Syxx Tour gives you a minimum of 360 Scott Hall “Outsider” shards, he is needed for the next Tour!

    • Requires Syxx “nWo”, Ted Dibiase “Million Dollar Man”, any Booker T and any Kevin Nash.
  • The Scott Hall “Outsider” Tour requires Scott Hall “Outsider”, any nWo and Mr Perfect.
  • Last but not least you can get a lush amount of resources and contest points in the  Randy Savage “nWo” Tour! (Requires Randy Savage “nWo”)
  • Each Tour provides you with specific nWo Superstar shard bags , and gives you a minimum of one Randy Savage “nWo” shard bag with up to 50 shards in it!!!
    • Other Tour rewards are Bandanas  which count towards the Faction Contest, Shard Loot Chips, Coins, up to 4-Star Tokens, TP and Winter Madness bags (Bronze, Silver and Gold) which can contain even more Coins, Diamonds, TP and 4-Star tokens!
    • Additionally, you can find a special nWo Bonus Token reward in each Tour. Collect all 5 Bonus Tokens and redeem them for 10 nWo Bonus bags which can contain more 4-Star Tokens, 500 TP, Diamonds or 1,000,000 coins!
    • This is Madness!!!

 Return of nWo Blitz

  • The Blitz will run throughout the week, giving a different amount of points for beating the final boss with each nWo Superstar.
    • The upper-card is open, lower-card is blocked and the mid-card requires 3 nWo Superstars to get a Black MP +2 and 10% HP Bonus!
    • One Blitz gives you a max of 375 Bandanas.
    • Beating the Boss with Randy Savage “nWo” gives you the most points, so you can drag your faction through the Faction contest!
    • The entry cost is 1 nWo Blitz ticket and you will get 100 free nWo Blitz tickets at contest start (sent to your Inbox). If you need more you can purchase them in special offers.

Faction Contest

  • By completing this contest with your faction you can earn a maximum of 400 Kevin Nash “Big Kev”, 240 Scott Hall “Outsider” shards and very valuable Safes with resources!
    • Depending on the milestones and your leaderboard rank you will also get Blitz tickets, Shard Loot Chips, Headliner Chips, Coins, Diamonds, TP, Cash and up to 4-Star Tokens.
  • Conditions for this Faction contest are as follows:
    • Collect 1 nWo Bandana (1 pts)
    • Fight Boss With Hall (875 pts)
    • Fight Boss With Nash (2125 pts)
    • Fight Boss With Macho (7125 pts)
    • Spend 1 Loot Coin (250 pts)
    • Spend 1 High Roller Loot Coin (800 pts)
    • Talent Up nWo Stable (10 pts)
    • The max milestone is set at 30,000,000 points.

 Special Loot

  • Throughout this contest you will be able to purchase Return of nWo Loot coins which give you a chance to win additional shards and poster of Scott Hall “Outsider”, Kevin Nash “Big Kev” AND Randy Savage “nWo” up to 4-Star Bronze! The perfect opportunity to make progress in this contest if you are missing one of the required Superstars in the Limited-Time Tours.
  • Don’t forget about the aforementioned nWo Bonus bags, redeemable with nWo Bonus tokens from the Limited-Time tours!
  • Please note: The Randy Savage “nWo” gear won’t be available!


Are you ready for the Return of nWo? We are and we are happy to hear your feedback on it!


Your Dev Team