Hey Champions,

The Membership Vault has been finally updated!  If you have emptied your Vault already, you can now dust it off and get great new rewards for your membership coins!

Info #4 (from 7/3/2019)

We have great news for you! The updated membership DX Vault is almost ready to go LIVE! There are just some final screws to be tightened but once this is done you can expect really rich and valuable additional levels & tiers which is significantly a huge improvement to the prior levels!

We took your latest Feedback as a foundation and filled the vault with items that will help veterans as well as aspiring Champions to make progress in their game. We are not just talking about a much higher amount of common resources like Coins, TP, Health packs, up to 4-Star Tokens, Diamonds or Headliner Chips spread out across the new levels and tiers, you will also get very strong and brand-new props!

Take advantage of these and prevail in your toughest battles! Let your opponents feel the power of your props. Here are just a few great hands picked examples of what you can do with them:

  • Steal up to 6MP from (color)
  • Create leech 6 gems
  • Steal up to 40000 HP
  • Move the pin bar 3 notches to the left or right
  • Destroy up to 6 random rows or columns
  • Generate 10 random loot boxes
  • Destroy 10 random loot boxes
  • Enforce your opponent to tag
  • Choose up to 6 gems to destroy
  • Choose 6 gems to swap into (color)
  • …and more!

The rarities (Regular, Super, Mega, and Ultra) and quantities will vary with each level but you will definitely get a sufficient amount with each pull!

In addition to that, you will also get two very rare Superstars who will be implemented in the additional vault levels. A 3-Star Gold Ronda Rousey “Rowdy” and a 4-Star Bronze Roddy Piper “Rowdy” will be waiting for you!

As aforementioned you get those in the early levels already but the more you progress in the updated DX vault the closer you get to the “Question Mark Boxes” which contain a surprise for you and we can assure you, it will be something you did not expect to get! 🙂

We hope you like this approach of updating the DX Vault and we want to thank you again for your patience, we know a lot of you are waiting or this, thus we also want to announce our estimated release date for it which is Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 at 12 pm PDT! 🙂

Your Dev Team

Info #3 
(from 5/31/2019)


Here is a quick Follow-Up on the DX Vault and a Rock “The Great One” reminder!

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for your patience. We know you want to make use of your collected Membership Coins as soon as possible and our goal is to make that happen!

We are still in the evaluation process of our latest approach including the feedback we have received from you. Unfortunately, there is no info we can share with you yet, but as soon as there is some, we will definitely let you know! We want to keep the Membership valuable for you, even tho you might have already emptied the vault. Please bear with us!

Also, we hope everyone who was eligible has upgraded their Rock “The Great One” to 4 (solid) Stars, as suggested in our very first info post below. If you still need time, hurry up! We will probably start sending out the promised Star Fragments throughout next week!

Your Dev Team

Info #2 (from 5/15/2019)


As promised in our previous post (see down below) about our plans to update the DX Vault, we want to follow up on this now.

First of all, thank you for your patience, we know you are eagerly waiting to make use of the Vault again, after emptying it on your end. We have already set the technical requirements for this and are now on the last lap of testing.

Once everything is done, you will definitely benefit from it! In the following week or 2, you can expect existing, new and exclusive powerful Props in your updated DX Vault!

Bring those Props to the ring and get the advantage your opponents always dreamt of! Steal their MP to a decent amount, create a crazy amount of loot boxes on the board, kick out of a pin, play around with the tag counter and many many more!

Depending on how long you have been on your beams-end because your Vault ran empty, you should have collected quite some Membership Coins by now to spend in the updated DX Vault!

We will provide you with more info on those amazing Props in another Follow-Up throughout the next couple of days.

Your Dev Team

Original Post (Info #1):

Edited: 5/6 2019 (Reason: Made the Trickster Rock Solution way more clear)


We have very good news for you, especially for our longterm members who benefited from both DX Membership over the last couple of months. Early in May, we will add more valuable items to the higher Vault levels!!!

Long-term Members are running out of the current Vault stock but they will still be able to collect their DX coins as usual. Meanwhile, we will be testing a new procedure to update our Vault systems more easily to provide you with attractive rewards in the future. Once we are done testing, we will have more info for you on the new “powerful” items that are waiting for you!

Additionally, a few long-time Champions have recruited The Rock “The Great One” who was once available in The Road. With the Rock’s re-balance and re-release into the DX Vault at 4 (solid) Stars, those players might have 2 hollow stars on him and we will give them a hand! End of May, anyone who got The Rock “The Great One” prior to the vault, leveled up to 4-Stars, has hollow stars for him, and is currently subscribed to the DX, will receive enough Trickster Star Fragments to use to fill his hollow stars!

So, May is gonna be gooood! Stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t yet. 🙂

Your Dev Team