Hey Champions,

This Battle Royale ain’t about flying unicorns or chicken dinner, it’s gonna be real Faction business!

  • Play through several Faction based contests, including FLASH FEUDS!
  • Earn Token Bags and get a chance at shards and poster for our latest introductions to WWE Champions 2019!

The Bella Twins are finally here and will mix up the women’s division! Get both, Brie and Nikki at 4-Star Silver!

But wait, 4-Star Silver is not enough! With this
Faction Battle Royale we proudly introduce the next level of Superstars and Tokens!

  • Collect 5-Star Tokens throughout that contest and improve your Superstars by evolving them to 4-Star GOLD!
  • Once you obtained the new tokens you can use them right away (3 are needed)!


Continue reading for more detailed info.


  • The Faction Battle Royale starts on Friday, August 16th at noon PDT and lasts until September 1st, at 5 pm PDT.
  • Mixed Match Showdown Tournament, Flash Feuds and Gauntlet Blitzes will be scheduled during the Battle Royale contest.
  • 5-Star Tokens will be available with the start of the Limited_time Tours on Monday, August 19th, at noon PDT!

  • Nine Tours with lots of Tokens are waiting for you to be completed.
    • Open Tour
    • VIP Tour (Req: Shawn Michaels “D-Generation X”, Triple H “DX”)
    • Becky Lynch “The Man” Tour (Tag req: Becky Lynch “Irish Lass Kicker”)
    • Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” Tour (Tag req: Edge “Rated R Superstar)
    • Andre The Giant “Irresistible Force” Tour (Tag req: Any NXT)
    • Luke Harper “The Bludgeon Brothers” Tour (Tag req: Erick Rowan “The Bludgeon Brothers”)
    • Doink The Clown “The Prankster” Tour (Tag req: New Gen)
    • “Woken” Matt Hardy Tour (Tag req: Jeff Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”)
    • Syxx “nWo” Tour (Tag req: Any nWo)

    • Rewards will be
      • Blitz Tickets
      • Coins
      • 3-Star Shard Coins
      • Perk Currencies
      • Diamonds
      • Up to 5-Star Tokens! Oh hell yeah!


Bonus Tour

  • The Bella Twins will also get a dedicated Tour to help you to level them up when you get them.


  • The Showdown Tournament is one option to acquire Brie Bella!
  • Play through the Tournament and earn points towards the SOLO contest.
  • Point methods:
    • Earn Showdown coins (5 points)
    • Win a Showdown match ( 100 points)
    • Use a health pack (10 points)
    • Use a Faction Heal (3 points)
  • Rewards will be:
    • Showdown Coins
    • Coins
    • Safes
    • Make it to the upper ranks in the leaderboard and you can obtain Faction Battle Royale Emblems, Diamonds, Headliner Chips, and shards and poster for Brie Bella!


  • Yeeeess, they are finally back! About time, huh?
  • Bummer, the schedule and rewards are yet tbd 😉
  • Check the weekly contest calendar for any updates.


  • This is where the fun begins! There are many ways to make points in this contest.
  • Point methods are:
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Brie Bella (16000 points) (Faction Limit: 500)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Nikki Bella (100000 points) (Faction Limit: 200)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Becky Lynch “The Man” (40000 points) (Faction Limit: 300)
    • Spend 1 5-Star Silver Token (20000)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle (700 points)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Luke Harper “The Bludgeon Brothers” (6670 points) (Faction Limit: 750)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Kevin Nash “Big Kev” (6670 points) (Faction Limit: 750)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with “Woken” Matt Hardy (6670 points) (Faction Limit: 750)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Kurt Angle “Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence” (6670 points) (Faction Limit: 750)
    • Win a Faction Feud Battle with Ricochet “The Only One” (6670 points) (Faction Limit: 750)
    • Collect 1 Faction Battle Royale Emblems (10000 points)
    • The max milestone is set at 99.999.999 points (It’s a Faction Contest!)
  • Faction Battle Royale Emblems can be obtained in the Showdown Tournament and the Gauntlet Blitzes.
  • As you can see, if you already have the required Superstars for the Tours you can make plenty of points in this contest and bring your Faction to the TOP.

  • Rewards for hitting the milestones will be:
    • Coins
    • All Color Rainbow bags
    • Prizewall tokens
    • Bella Bags
    • Nikki Bella shards
    • Leaderboard rewards will be poster and shards for Brie Bella!


  • Required Superstars for the contests will be available in loot, including the Bella Twins at 4-Star Silver!


Additional Info:

There are a couple of changes in regards to the new 5-Star Tokens and 4-Star Gold Superstars.

  • Powerhouses will now have the 2nd highest HP (previously, they were the 2nd lowest). Showboat has still the highest.
  •  Powerhouse gem damage will now overall be the 2nd highest (previously, their Red Gems were 2nd highest but the rest of their gems were weaker than other Classes)