Hey Champions

Let’s get wild, let’s get crazy…you have some Superstars in your roster that could need some pimpin’? Our Token Bonanza week will definitely help you out there. Let’s make dem big, Yeaaaha!


  • It can’t be easier, play the class blitzes and earn token bags!

Continue Reading for more detailed info.


  • Token Bonanza starts on Monday, August 12th at noon PDT and lasts until Monday, August 19th, at noon PDT.
  • You will be able to spend your tokens in a respective contest at the end of the week so collect and save them up!


  • Throughout this period you will get the chance to participate in various blitzes.
  • Each day you can do two blitzes for two respective superstar classes.
  • The class blitzes last 24 hours and are scheduled as follows:
    • Striker and Power House Blitzes – Monday, 8/12, noon PDT
    • Acrobat and Showboat Blitzes – Tuesday, 8/13, noon PDT
    • Trickster and Technician Blitzes – Wednesday, 8/14, noon PDT
    • All Classes – Thursday, 8/12, noon PDT (lasts until 8/15, at noon PDT)

  • Example: The Showboat Blitz

  • Depending on the difficulty you chose, you have to pick your best Superstars to prevail and to earn the precious rewards.
    • The entry costs vary with each difficulty (500/1500/3000 Blitz Tickets)
  • Rewards will be coins and Token Bags to evolve your Superstars!


  • Throughout the running contests (leaderboards) and from the All Color Bags you will be able to obtain Token Bonanza Medallions and spend them to get bundles of tokens.
  • All classes will be available all week long.

  • You can purchase Token Bonanza Loot Coins and get a chance on TOP Superstars in their respective class’s loot!