Update (10/2):

Hey Champions,

After deciding to remove The Rock “The People’s Chomp” from players who benefited from the issue, we came up with the following plan to compensate them:

Everyone who obtained The Rock “The People’s Chomp” from a Wooden Coffin during that period and had it removed will get spent resources back as well as the following brand-new (upcoming) Zombie in WWE Champions.


Paige “Scream For Me” at 3-Star Bronze!



Additionally, we will compensate for the initial technical difficulties at the start of the Undead Takeover contest. Within the next 48 hours, we will send out the following package to everyone active during the first 24 hours of that contest (between Tuesday, 10/1 at noon PDT and Wednesday, 10/2 at noon PDT):


  • 400 Paige “Scream For Me” shards
  • Five large player appreciation boxes
  • and some Health Packs


Paige “Scream For Me” will make her official WWE Champions debut this Friday, October 4th! Don’t miss out and bring your shards!

Apologies again for the inconvenience and thanks to everyone for the patience!

Your Dev Team

Original message (10/1)

Hey Champions,

With the beginning of the Undead Takeover contest, Zombies are on the hunt, not only for Brains but also Coffins, unfortunately.

Due to an issue with the drop rates in the Wooden Coffins (which has already been fixed), we have decided to remove any The Rock “The People’s Chomp” pulled from those Wooden coffins. We deeply regret having to remove this Superstar from those who benefitted from this bug, but we want to give all our players in this Undead Takeover contest the same advantage.

The Rock “The People’s Chomp” can still be earned in the Undead Takeover contest, e.g., at a rare chance in coffins or from 2 of the contest milestones.

We plan to proceed with this throughout the day. Affected players will be compensated. We also advise them not to leveling their Rock “The People’s Chomp” because he will be removed soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience this issue caused.

Your Dev Team