Hey Champions,

This week we will roll out a new update (R38.2) which contains some bug fixes and two NEW FEATURES for WWE Champions 2019!

Over the last few months, we have collected data and feedback related to Faction Feuds and we are happy to announce that we have used all this to make feuding even more fun, challenging, and fair!

NEW POINTS SYSTEM for Faction Feuds

  • To give everyone an incentive to use more of their Feud roster, we have adjusted the Faction Feud points accordingly, which means bringing different Superstars into these Faction Feuds will get you more points for you and your Faction!
  • What exactly will change? Let’s start with the new points allocation which is based on Superstar rarity:

  • The new points structure will reward players with more appropriate point totals for defeating higher-rarity opponents in Faction Feuds.
  • Across the board, we have also adjusted Faction Feud points down by an order of magnitude. For example, while defeating a 3-Star opponent was previously worth 12,500 Points, it will now be worth 1,250. Similarly, where every 5 points of damage dealt used to yield 1 point in Feud, now every 50 points of damage will yield 1 point.
  • This reduction will help to keep inflation of Feud scores in check.
  • We will also be adjusting point requirements for Faction Feud-based Contests accordingly. That means if a milestone previously required 100,000 points in Feud, it will now be closer to 10,000 to account for the scoring change.
  • We’re also introducing a brand new point type in Feud – you can now gain points for winning with a Superstar for the first time in a brawl. 
  • If you use your full card of Superstars, you’ll earn even more points than before!  You can continue to Feud using any strategy you’d like, but to earn EXTRA POINTS and to climb up the rankings in Faction Feuds, you definitely want to bring and use more of your best Superstars!
  • Faction rules and contests will give you all the info you need for your next Feud. So keep an eye on that and win BIG!
  • We hope you will like these changes and we are excited to hear your feedback on it!
  • More improvements to Faction Feuds are already in development! So, stay tuned!


  • The new HERE COMES THE MONEYMembership Pass will replace the existing “Shane O’Mac’s Cash Contract,” and will give you additional benefits, including shards that will make progress toward recruiting a Charlotte Flair “2nd Nature” at 3-Star Gold!
  • If you are a new member you will get a 2-Star Bronze Sting “The Icon” and 250,000 coins as a one-time reward!
  • Daily rewards throughout the month will be:
    • 100 Cash
    • 10,000 Coins
    • So, after 30 days you will have 3,000 Cash and 300,000 coins in your pockets!
  • Weekly rewards will be 35 Charlotte Flair “2nd Nature” shards!
  • It provides you the same VIP Bonuses as the DX Elite Pass, DX Army Pass or the King of Kings Pass!
  • This extended Membership Line-Up provides advantages and benefits for all types of players. Pick what you need, the choice is yours!
  • Please note:
    • The old Shane O’Mac Cash Contract will no longer be available for purchase.
    • If you already have an active Shane O’Mac Cash Contract, you can still get all the benefits from it until it is expired. Unclaimed rewards will expire on December 7, 2019.
    • You can have the old Shane O’Mac Cash Contract and the new “Here Comes The Money” pass active at the same time, but once the old Shane O’Mac Cash Contract expires, you will no longer be able to renew it.

We plan to have the Update approved and published on all major Platforms by mid-week.

Your Dev Team