Hey Champions,

We have already met some well-known faces during our Attitude Reunion contest, but there is one Superstar who can’t be missing! Non-other than the seven-times Women’s Champion Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction” will join the party! 🎉

For her debut, we have proclaimed 5 Days of Stratusfaction! Get a shot at some EXTRA Chyna “Ninth Wonder of the World” Tokens in milestones and a GUARANTEED 4-Star Silver Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction” in the Stratusfaction Vault!

Did you know?

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction” can be found SOON on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community! đź’ś

Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Names assets and dates are subject to change!

  • The 5 Days of Stratusfaction contest begins on November 20th at noon PT and ends on November 25th at noon PT!
  • Each day you will get a new contest to earn Stratusfaction Loot and Vault coins!

    • 1 Day – 11/20 at noon PT until 11/21 at noon PT
    • 2 Day – 11/21 at noon PT until 11/22 at noon PT
    • 3 Day – 11/22 at noon PT until 11/23 at noon PT
    • 4 Day – 11/23 at noon PT until 11/24 at noon PT
    • 5 Day – 11/24 at noon PT until 11/25 at noon PT

Each day you can win the following rewards:

  • Up to 5 Stratusfaction Vault coins
  • Up to 20 Stratusfaction Loot coins
  • 1 Extra Chyna “Ninth Wonder of the World” Token

That’s a total of 25 Stratusfaction Vault coins and Stratusfaction Loot coins!

Stratusfaction Loot coins can be redeemed in the Stratusfaction Loot. Get a chance a 4-Star Silver poster of Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction” and other rare Superstars!