Update: 12/5

Hey Champions,

Are you ready?! The Closed Beta has officially started! All invited participants should have gotten an email and can download the Stats Beta in their store. Please follow the instructions in your email and this post.

Update: 12/3

We are in the process of fixing some occurred issues related to this Closed Beta and thus, we have to delay the start of it for a couple of days. We will keep you updated on this!

Thanks for your patience and interest!

Hey Champions,

In order to improve WWE Champions 2019 and to deliver you the best experience in a WWE mobile game, we have planned a CLOSED BETA for an upcoming update and you can get a chance to take part in it!

The Closed Beta will run from December 3rd to December 12th!

All you have to do is to SIGN UP for it! Click In-game on the following popup and it redirects you to our Closed Beta Form! (Update: Please make sure you have signed up for this Closed Beta within the game first, that Popup below will redirect you to the form! If you haven’t signed up your Email won’t be whitelisted for the Beta in the respective AppStore!)

The Beta is limited, which means not everyone will be able to participate. Your best chances to be in the pool for this Closed Beta are:

  • You are actively playing the game
  • Your roster has at least one or more 4-Star Superstars
  • You are experienced in building and optimizing your roster, including Trainers.
  • Discord will be required as well

Once you have been chosen, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to install this Beta build on your device. Please click on your platform below, for more info.

Beta for:


What is this Closed Beta about?

In this Closed Beta, you will be able to play with 6 NEW STATS for your Superstars!

  • Critical Hit Chance for Gems
  • Critical Hit Chance for Moves
  • Critical Damage for Gems
  • Critical Damage for Moves
  • Dodge Chance for Gems
  • Dodge Chance for Moves

Critical Hit Damage will be triggered by the Critical Hit Chance and will be added on top of the normal damage to your opponent.

Dodge Chance gives you the possibility to evade the damage from your opponent. His moves will be discharged and you won’t take any damage if your Dodge Chance triggered.

  • Move Dodge results in a move failing and losing 3 MP.
  • Gem Dodge results in avoiding damage and MP charge that would normally result from a gem match or break.

What can you do in the Closed Beta?

  • You will receive 10 random 4-Star Gold Superstars, 7 Men’s Division and 3 Women’s Division.
  • In addition to these 4-Star Gold Superstars, you will receive a large collection of 4-Star Bronze Superstars, which can be used as Trainers or Coaches.
  • We will send you also supplies to play with. (10,000 Cash, 50,000,000 Coins, 20,000 Health Packs)
  • You can play a specially-created Tour featuring some of the toughest opponents in the game which you can battle with your Superstars and to try out and experience the new stats!
  • Try out difference Superstars with a different focus on their abilities to find the best way how to encounter your opponents in the Tours.
  • After each lost match and sometimes when you go back to the main menu, you will get a post-match Survey popup. Please try to fill it out whenever you encounter it.

⚠  Please note:
To make it more efficient and less complicated in this Closed Beta, we have added these new Stats into Perks! Every Superstar has base values for all 6 stats, and you can choose how to boost these base stats by equipping these Perks.

Superstars at 4-Stars will have one improved stat based on their class. For example, A Powerhouse has a higher base for Critical Hit Damage than a Showboat who has increased Critical Hit Chance for Gems instead.

What will happen outside of the Closed Beta?

To get in touch with all participants during this Beta we will invite everyone to a special Discord Server. We will keep you in the loop with everything that is happening in the Closed Beta, such as updates we rolled out based on the feedback we got from the participants and the data we checked during this Beta.

We will also run competitions amongst all Beta Testers, with rewards for their main accounts! So we encourage you to play the Closed Beta as much as you can, we appreciate every Feedback on it – to make it your WWE Champions 2019!

Your Dev-Team