Update: 12/10

We are in the middle of the approval process for the update and expect it to roll out by Friday (if not then next week). Due to this tight schedule, we will postpone the implementation and the test of the new Faction Feud Point Boosts. We really want you to try the Boost first before using them in a Feud.

In short:

  1. Update probably this week
  2. Faction Feud this week BUT without the new Faction Feud Point Boost for now!
  3. Autoclear Skip and performance improvements will come with the update!

Hey Champions,

We have a small content update coming this December which will bring you the following new benefits on your road to victory!

  • You will be able to skip the Autoclear animations and save some more time while clearing your Tours!

    • Once you have started an Autoclear you can tap the screen to skip the animation.
  • Be more efficient with the brand-new individual Faction Feud Score Boost!

    • This Boost is part of a new limited-duration Perk type which gives you a temporary multiplier on your individual Faction Feud war score for each match!
    • You can get this Faction Feud Score Boost Perk up to Level 4 from the Faction Lockbox by completing Expeditions, using Faction Heals, and earning 3 Stars in any Mode!
    • Just do what is needed to increase the Tier of your Faction Lockbox! You will be rewarded with the respective Turnbuckles to upgrade the Perk.
    • Important: The Faction Feud Score Boost can only be active for a limited amount of time and is only active for your own account.
    • You can deactivate this Perk and pause its countdown timer by unequipping it whenever you want, which makes your Feuding time way more efficient!
    • It is up to you when you want to boost your war score to help your faction out, e.g focus on a specific period of time during the Feud and get the most points out of it when you are awake or matched up with proper opponents.
    • We will be rolling out these new Faction Feud Score Boosts in the next Faction Feud but there will be a very short Test Feud later this week to try the new Boost for the very first time!
    • There will be multiple Faction Feud Score Boost Perks available, each with different durations so you can decide how to spend your time!
    • We will be reviewing your feedback after it’s over, so be sure to let us know what you think!
    • Be more efficient during Feuds, In-game and outside of the game!
  • This update comes also with some Performance Improvements.

The plan is to roll this update out sometime this week. Once it is visible in your Store you can install it. But as always, do not take these times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Dev Team