Hey Champions,

2019 was a very eventful year for all of us. WWE history could be relived with iconic Superstars in fun and engaging contests! We had highs but also lows and the whole WWE Champions Teams wants to THANK YOU for being part of this journey so far! 🙏

We are happy and excited to have you onboard for our upcoming adventures next year! Thus, let’s welcome 2020 with a prim and proper roster! 🎉🍾

  • Play through the Limited-Time Tours for resources to enhance or evolve Superstars and to get FREE League Blitz tickets!
  • Win in League Blitzes to make progress in the contest and to earn even more valuable resources, including STAR FRAGMENTS!
  • WIN the Undertaker “The Deadman” and Andre the Giant “Eighth Wonder of the World” at 4-Star Bronze in the contest and many more Superstars in the 2020 EXTRAVAGANZA LOOT!

Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Names, numbers, assets and dates are subject to change!


  • The New Year, New Superstar Contest begins this Tuesday, December 31st at noon PT and ends on Friday, January 3rd at 10 AM PT!


  • The New Year, New Superstar SOLO contest is something for everyone! Earn points by leveling up your Superstars and by playing the Limited-Time Tours and League Blitzes.
  • Use the rewards to spin the Loot for possible new Superstars or fuses!
Rules Points
Raise Talent by 15
Collect 1 2 Star Chip1
Collect 1 Premium Superstar Chip1
Evolve or Enhance a 2-Star Superstar75000
Evolve or Enhance a 3-Star Superstar100000
Win Boss Node in Bronze League Blitz1000
Win Boss Node in Gold League Blitz3000
Win Boss Node in Diamond League Blitz6000
Obtain 1 Star Fragment Crate300
Spend 1 2020 League Medallion1


  • 4-Star Bronze Undertaker “The Deadman”
  • Up to 3100 Star Fragments for Striker, Showboat and Powerhouse!
  • Up to 3x 5-Star Silver token
  • Up to 1045 TP
  • Up to 1,800,000 coins
  • Up to 28,500 Headliner Chips
  • Up to 28,500 Diamonds

Leaderboard rewards:

  • Up to a 4-Star Bronze Andre the Giant “Eighth Wonder of the World”
  • Up to 2x 5-Star Silver token
  • Up to 5,000,000 coins
  • Up to 500 TP

Limited-Time Tours

  • Open Tour
  • Legend Tour
    • Node 2 tag req: Roddy Piper
  • Andre the Giant Tour
    • Node 2 tag req: Andre SB and Andre Trickster


  • Coins
  • Premium Superstar Chips
  • 2-Star Chips
  • TP
  • 2020 League Tickets
  • Star Fragment Cases
  • Headliner Chips
  • Diamonds

Gauntlet Blitz

Bronze League Blitz / Requires: 1 / Costs: 300

Slot Slot Requirement Rarity Fill Bonus
Top 2Open, Opennone, none
Mid 3Open, Legend, Opennone, none, none


  • Premium Superstar Chips
  • Coin
  • Premium Superstar Chips
  • TP
  • 2-Star Chips
  • 2020 Bronze League Bag

Gold League Blitz / Requires: 3 / Costs: 1000

Top 2Open, Opennone, none
Mid 3Attitude, Wendi, Legend2-star, 2-star, 2-staryellow mp +2


  • Headliners
  • Diamonds
  • TP
  • 2020 Gold League Bag

Diamond League Blitz / Requires: 5 / Costs: 3000

Top 2Open, Openn/a, n/a
Mid 3Any Andre, Wendi, Legend4-star, 3-star, 4-staryellow mp +3


  • Star Fragment Case
  • 2020 Diamond League Bag


You will be able to use several In-Game currencies to spin the special Loot!

Redeem your 2020 New Years Medallions in the EXTRAVAGANZA Loot for a chance at great Superstars such as Andre the Giant “The Eighth Wonder of the World” and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan at 4-Star SILVER!

Use coins or Cash in the Popularity Loot and get a chance at even more fan favorites at 3-Star Gold!