Hey Champions,

With our latest 0.410 release, we have introduced ALL-NEW Skill Plates and LEGENDARY Straps to the game.

You can find an overview in the respective blog post and previews of 3 available Skill Plates in our YouTube Playlist!

In that very blog post we have mentioned another change that would come with 0.41:

Opponents in Limited-Time Tours, Blitzes and the Road can now hold Titles, including their effects!

0.410 Update Notes

Well, the time has come! In the upcoming Royal Rumble Contest, you will face an EXPERT MODE opponent with Skill Plates and titles for the first time!

What’s the difference between Expert and Normal opponents?

  • Expert mode opponents will behave much differently than the usual opponents, more like YOU would!
  • They will prioritize the right gem colors to charge moves, and might use their moves in a more intelligent way!
  • Any opponent with an “Expert Mode” will be labeled clearly so you’ll know what to expect.
  • They also can have bonuses from Strap, Medals and Skill Plates!

  • Please note:  Any normal opponent can have Straps, Medals and Skill Plates equipped but Expert Mode opponents will be smarter!

The first Expert Mode Opponent will be Lex Luger in the upcoming Royal Rumble Contest!

He will make use of the brand-new HEAD GAMES Skill Plate which boosts your gem crit rate and creates 10 random botch gems on landing a gem critical hit!

You can win the same Skill Plate in the contest milestones, in addition to more LEGENDARY and EPIC titles rewards!

The Royal Rumble contest starts Friday, January 24th at noon PT and lasts until Sunday, February 2nd at 4 PM PT.