Hey Champions,

We have some great news with you to share! This time it is about the revised Daily Tours and additional info for upcoming Straps & Medals changes!


In order to provide you with more options for improving your roster, we made some changes to the Daily FREE bag at the end of 2019. Let’s have a short recap:

  • We changed the timer from 6 hours to 12 hours, which gives you the chance to grab it twice a day, and you don’t feel you are missing out on it when you are asleep!
  • We increased the amount of HP! You can get between 5 and 25 now!
  • We added TP Poster to that bag! Expect up to 25 TP from each FREE bag!
  • On top of that, we replaced the common Superstar shards with top-tier Superstar Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz” shards! You get 1-20 shards AND if you are super lucky, a chance at his 3-Star GOLD Poster!

That was a very welcomed change and we promised we won’t stop there. Today we are happy to announce another adjustment to your DAILY routine, which will help rising Champions on their way to the TOP!

With the focus on providing you with more TP, the one-time rewards in the Normal and Hard mode of the Daily Tours have been revised as follows:

  • The amount of TP rewards has been increased by 100%! That’s an additional ~1000 TP per month!!!
  • We also added more class tokens to the rewards pool!
  • The Normal and Hard mode in the Deadman’s Daily Tour got a coin boost of 20,000!
  • The Sunday Tour, Daily Hell Mode Tours and Deadman’s Daily have not been touched and will give you the same large amount of resources as before.
  • With all these changes, the Daily Mission rewards and the Hell mode rewards ALL players can enjoy
    • Up to 115 TP Poster
    • Up to 17x 1-Star Silver Token
    • Up to 8x 1-Star Gold Token
    • Up to 5x 2-Star Silver Token
    • Up to 5x 2-Star Gold Token
    • Up to 5x 3-Star Silver Token
    • Up to 2x 3-Star Gold Token
    • and up to 275,000 coins DAILY!

These changes will be deployed beginning of February 2020! We hope you will like them and we are excited to hear your feedback on it as we continue to improve WWE Champions in 2020!

Tier 3 and Tier 4 Medals Improvements

  • The Min and Max values for Tier 3 and 4 “All Gem Damage” Medals will be increased! Expect those changes in the next weeks!

Strap-Up Pass Improvements

  • The Strap-Up Pass will be improved with more valuable Straps! If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, we suggest doing so! You don’t want to miss out on those high rarity Straps each week, in addition to all the other advantages! More info soon!

Fixing the Medal Set Bonus Mechanic

  • It is currently possible to “stack” the same Medals Set Bonus twice. This behavior is not intended and needs to be fixed in one of our upcoming updates.

Your Dev Team