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Flash Feud #1 mid-card has been updated.

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The WWE Royal Rumble 2020 lies already in the past but we have another huge battle coming up! Get ready for the Royal Rumble Flash Feuds this weekend!

  • FIVE Flash Feuds!
  • Overall 30 Hours of pure mayhem!
  • Win Royal Rumble Ingots in the Solo Contest!
  • Collect Flash Feud Ingots in Leaderboards and redeem them in the Prizewall for awesome rewards!

Please note: The Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


  • The Royal Rumble Flash Feuds begin on Friday, January 31st and ends on Sunday, Februrary 2nd!
  • The timings for the Flash Feuds should be suitable for the majority of our worldwide player base!

Friday, 1/31 | 4 pm PT – 12 am PT

Flash Feud 1: Which Way Is Up?
min req1
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer45 mins
prop limit1
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Striker 3-Star
generate 2 more row breaks
destroy 2 more row breaks
“Woken” Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”
Any Legend
generate 2 more cross breaks
destroy 2 more cross breaks
Sting “Hall of Fame” 4-Star
generate 2 more column breaks
destroy 2 more column breaks
+200% column break dmg

Saturday, 2/1 | 5 am PT – 9 am PT

Flash Feud 2: Colorful Chaos
min req1
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer45 mins
prop limit3
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”
+100% color turn gem dmg
+50% all gem dmg
Luke Gallows 4-Star
+50% trap gem dmg
+2 trap gem gen
+2 trap gem destroy

Saturday, 2/1 | 1 pm PT – 4 pm PT

Flash Feud 3: Make ’em Tap!
min req1
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer30 mins
prop limit5
1st time wins with a superstar in a brawl = 12,000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Any Kurt Angle 4-Star
sub moves -1 turn
sub dmg +200%
Legend Technician
Any Aleister Black
Any The Rock
bleed dmg +200%
sub dmg +200%

Saturday, 2/1 | 8 pm PT – 7 am PT

Flash Feud 4: Divas of Destruction
min req1
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer45 mins
prop limit1
1st time wins with a superstar in a brawl = 15000 points
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Trish Stratus
Ronda Rousey
+50% black gem dmg
+2 x break gem generation
Lita “Hall of Fame”
Any Becky Lynch
+200% silence gem dmg
+2 green gem match charge
Any Bella 4-Star
+50% blast gem dmg
+1 starting blue mp
+1 starting black mp

Sunday, 2/2 | 11 am PT – 3 pm PT

Flash Feud 5: Royal Rumble 2020
min req1
Brawl size2v2
Brawl timer45 mins
prop limit1
Card (Top, Mid, Low)Bonus
Any Seth Rollins 4-Star
Any Hall of Fame
+75% all gem dmg
Any Aleister Black 3-Star
Any Ricochet 3-Star
Elias 4-Star
+50% all gem dmg
Any Modern
Any Randy Orton 4-Star
Any Modern
Any Modern
+100% green move dmg
+100% botch gem dmg

Solo Contest

Talent up any Superstar1
Talent up a Modern Superstar3
Evo/Fuse a 4-Star Superstar2000
Evo/Fuse a 3-Star Superstar700
Evo/Fuse a 2-Star Superstar200
Use Health Pack20
Use Faction Heal20
Collect a Flash Feud Ingot3


  • Up to 6x random 5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Up to 400,000 Royal Rumble Ingots
  • Up to 4,530,000 Coins
  • Up to 36,100 Diamonds
  • Up to 150x HP

Leaderboard rewards

  • TOP 1-15 can win a Partridge to receive up to a 4-Star GOLD Superstar of their choice! (Sting “Wolfpac” and Booker T “Hall of Fame” is not available for selection)
  • 1x ESCAPE ARTIST Skill Plate (33% chance to break all submission gems) for the Top 10!
  • Up to 150,000 Royal Rumble Ingots

Prize Wall

Collect as many Flash Feud Ingots in the Leaderboard contests and redeem them for AWESOME rewards in the Royal Rumble Flash Feuds Prize Wall!

You can get the following Flash Feuds Prizes on the wall:

  • TP
  • Coins
  • HP
  • Props
  • 2-Star Gold Finn Bálor “Bálor Club”
  • 3-Star Bronze AJ Styles “The Phenomenal”
  • 300 shards of Fandango “Deputy Dango”
  • 500 shards of Jimmy Uso “The Usos”
  • 300 shards of Elias “Walk With Elias”
  • 10 Shards of Randy Savage “nWo”
  • 300 shards of Luke Harper “The Bludgeon Brothers”
  • 500 shards of Mr. T “T”

More Flash Feud Ingots for the following Premium rewards will be available in Loot:

  • 200 shards of Hulk Hogan “The Immortal”
  • 4-Star Bronze Kofi Kingston “Against all Odds”