Hey Champions,

Are you excited for this year’s Royal Rumble? It will be huge and we are going to celebrate it with a dedicated weeklong contest in Royal Rumble manner!

  • Succeed in the Royal Rumble Tours, Feud and Showdown to collect Ingots and points towards the contest!
  • Win MASSIVE rewards, including grab bags with a chance at shards for Hall of Fame Superstars!
  • Stand Tall in the Royal Rumble Deathmatch to obtain more Ingots and to take your last chance at a 3-Star GOLD poster of “Hall of Fame” Booker T! 
  • Shards and up to a 4-Star GOLD poster of Hulk Hogan “The Immortal” in the Leaderboard!
  • Win ALL-NEW LEGENDARY STRAPS in milestones, including a 4-Star Bronze Lex Luger!!!

Face Lex Luger as the Final Hell Mode Boss in the Hall of Fame Champions Round! But be aware, he has his very own Legendary Strap and Skill Plate equipped which makes him a tough opponent!

Check out the recent Update Notes with more info on brand-new Skill Plates!

More Skill Plate Previews and Guides can be found on your Youtube Playlist with content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: The following screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, assets, and dates are subject to change!


  • The Royal Rumble contest starts Friday, January 24th at noon PT and lasts until Sunday, February 2nd at 4 PM PT.

  • The “Hall of Fame” Eddie Guerrero Induction contest will take place on Thursday, January 23rd at noon PT and will last until Sunday, January 26th at noon PT!
    • You will be able to acquire him in LOOT and win additional rewards for taking a chance!
    • It will require ALL new Hall of Fame Superstars to get enough Hall Of Fame Turnbuckles from the Hall of Fame Bonus tours and to unlock the AMAZING Champions Feud Perk!
    • Level 3 will have 200% Gem Crit Damage!

Solo Contest

Make progress by earning Royal Rumble Ingots in Tours and the Royal Rumble Deathmatch contest!

Obtain 1 Royal Rumble Ingot 1
Spend Royal Rumble Loot Coin 500
Spend Royal Rumble HR Loot Coin1500


  • 1x Royal Rumble Champion Medallion
  • 1x HEAD GAMES Skill Plate (boosts your gem crit rate and creates 10 random botch gems on landing a gem critical hit)
  • 1x CHAOTIC BLAST Skill Plate (boosts your gem crit rate and creates a random blast gem on landing a gem critical hit)
  • 1x 4-Star Bronze Lex Luger “The American Original” including a LEGENDARY New Gen Powerhouse Strap for him!
  • 1x LEGENDARY Strap for Modern Trickster Female
  • 4x RARE Tier 4 Medals (for Slot 1-4)
  • 1x EPIC Legends Strap for a random Class
  • 1x EPIC New Gen Strap for a random Class
  • 1x EPIC Attitude Strap for a Striker
  • Up to 8000 Strap Parts
  • Up to 3 5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Up to 1300 TP
  • Up to 2,300,000 Coins
  • Hall of Fame Tokens
  • Stephanie McMahon Evolution Tokens
  • Health Packs
  • Blitz Tickets
  • Diamonds

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 4x 5-Star Silver Token Cases
  • Diamonds
  • Headliner Chips
  • Coins
  • TP

Royal Rumble Deathmatch

Use the required Superstars in Showdown to make progress in this contest!

Win a Match in any Showdown Tournament withPointsLimit
Eddie Guerrero “Hall of Fame”10,0001
Sting “Hall of Fame”10,0001
Booker T “Hall of Fame”10,0001
Lita “Hall of Fame”10,0001
Rey Mysterio “Master of the 619”10,0001
Aleister Black “Root of All Evil”10,0001
Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds”10,0001
Elias “Walk With Elias”10,0001
Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”10,0001
Sgt. Slaughter “Sarge”10,0001
Nikolai Volkoff “The Russian”10,0001
Luke Gallows “The Club”10,0001
Roddy Piper “Rowdy”10,0001
Jim Duggan “Hacksaw”10,0001
Jimmy Uso “The Usos”10,0001
Sting “The Stinger”10,0001
Fandango “Deputy Dango”10,0001
Ronda Rousey “Rowdy”10,0001
Ric Flair “Slic Ric”10,0001
Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz”10,0001
Bobby Roode “The Glorious One”10,0001
Ultimate Warrior “Warrior”10,0001
Finn Bálor “Bálor Club”10,0001
Randy Orton “The Legend Killer”10,0001
Asuka “The Empress of Tomorrow”10,0001
Roman Reigns “The Juggernaut”10,0001
AJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”10,0001
Andre The Giant “Irresistible Force”10,0001
Alexa Bliss “Little Miss Bliss”10,0001
Stephanie McMahon “Best for Business”10,0001

Spend Royal Rumble Loot Coin10
Spend Royal Rumble HR Loot Coin30


  • 1x Royal Rumble Champion Medallion
  • 1x Premium Booker T “Hall of Fame” Chest
  • Up to 7x Royal Rumble Booker T “Hall of Fame” shard bag
  • 2-Star Bronze Brock Lesnar “The Next Big Thing”
  • 200x shards of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
  • 4-Star Bronze Natalya Hart
  • 100x shards of “Ric Flair “Slic Ric”
  • 100x shards of Bobby Roode
  • 150x shards of Asuka
  • Up to 10x Stephanie McMahon Evolution Tokens
  • Up to 2,750 TP
  • Up to 15,000,000 Coins
  • Up to 7x  5-Star Silver Tokens
  • Headliner Chips
  • Health Packs

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 4-Star Gold Hulk Hogan “The Immortal”
  • Up to 300 shards of Hulk Hogan “The Immortal”

Limited-Time Tours

Play through the following tours to collect Royal Rumble Ingots and additional rewards!

Another Tour with different requirements and great Hall of Fame rewards will launch every 1 or 2 days!

Starter RoundRoman Reigns “The Juggernaut”
Matt Hardy “The Hardy Boyz
“Sting “The Stinger”
Intermediate RoundAJ Styles “The Phenomenal One”
Asuka “The Empress of Tomorrow”
Ronda Rousey “Rowdy”
Competitor RoundAndre The Giant “Irresistible Force”
Bobby Roode “The Glorious One”
Jimmy Uso “The Usos”
Champion RoundRandy Orton “The Legend Killer”
Roddy Piper “Rowdy”
Nikolai Volkoff “The Russian”
Hall of Fame RoundUltimate Warrior “Warrior”
Booker T “Hall of Fame”
Lita “Hall of Fame”
Sting “Hall of Fame”

Prize Wall

The Top milestone rewards in the Royal Rumble contest and the Royal Rumble Deathmatch is a Royal Rumble Medallion which can be used in the Royal Rumble Prize Wall.

Get RARE Superstars and awesome gears, including the new “2001 Hardcore Champion” gear for Kane “The Big Red Machine”!

Special Offers

You can acquire required Superstars in the LOOT!