I was never a fan of “gem crushing” games

Guersan, 2020

Hey Champions,

We all know him, we all love him. He proffers us hours of joy daily with his video content about WWE Champions. In this article, we put his YouTube Channel in the spotlight and answer a few interesting questions for his viewers and the WWE Champions Community!

Guersan in his Studio, waiting for the camera dude to bolt so he can finally create more content for you!

He was never a fan of gem crushing games? Let’s find out why and more importantly, what made him a WWE Champion in the end!

What’s your YouTube channel all about?

I’d say that 95% of my channel is about WWE Champions and the rest is about a few other games here and there and subscription boxes, truth is, I spend so much time on Champions and answering people that I really don’t have any decent time left for any other game hehe

Why did you become a YouTuber?

I had already got a taste of youtube a couple of months before I started WWE Champions on two previous games and then a Facebook Ad got me interested to try this game and it didn’t take long to get hooked and start to look on youtube for information on the game.  At the time there was nothing, so as I kept playing and having done very little of it before I just decided I may as well record gameplay and pulls since I was doing it anyway and it picked up from there, I never thought it would grow to the size that it’s now and gather interest so as long as people wanna see it I’ll be doing it 🙂

What does “Guersan” mean?

Funny story, people keep asking me that, it doesn’t mean anything, well except to me.  I started using about 20 years ago for Dungeons & Dragons Games along with Video games and soon found myself using it for just about everything that you need to pick a name for and it has pretty much been my virtual identity for 20 years now, so much so that even my real-life friends call me “G” more than “Max” hehe.  I don’t know if it’s my OCD or what but it just feels weird playing a game if I use a different name now.

Since when are you playing WWE Champions and what do you like about WWE Champions?

I started playing right after Wrestlemania 33, I think it was May 2017.  What keeps me playing is that I always have something to do. Everyone that watches my content knows I got a big roster, still a good majority of it is not leveled up so I always have a lot of characters to work on so I always have something to do.  Ironically I was never a fan of “gem crushing” games before Champions so clearly the “spin” they put on the genre is adding something to it that I clearly like yet can’t put my finger on hehe, probably the strategy or RPG elements.

Do you have any favorite WWE Superstars?

That answer would probably change from month to month, I was a huge wrestling fan during the Attitude era and my favorites at the time were probably the most common ones: DX, Austin, Taker, Edge, and Rock.  After the Attitude Era I pretty much lost interest in wrestling up until I started playing this game and started watching again nowadays I’m pretty happy that my favorites are actually finally getting pushed and are for RAW: Drew McIntyre, Becky & Liv Morgan, for Smackdown: Braun Strowman, Otis & Lacey Evans, and for NXT Keith Lee, Ciampa, Rhea Ripley & Tony Storm, special mention to the now returning Edge, can’t be happy enough for that 🙂

Do you use them also in WWE Champions?

Most of them are not in the game, I do use Rated-R Edge a bit tho he is a current project I’m working on leveling.  I have to admit that my interest toward characters in the game is not really related to who that character is but more in what the character can do, I am much more interested in the gameplay and feel of a character then the character model it represents hehe.  As of right now, and that answer would probably drastically change from week to week, my favorite characters to use are Hall of Fame Booker T, Luke Harper, Ricochet, Hall of Fame Lita and Chyna and some of them still need a lot of work. 

Anything you wanna add before you continue with your content creation?

I just want to thank everyone for making my gaming experience into the youtube channel that it is right now, I said it before and I’ll say it again, I would not be doing everything that I do if it wasn’t for you guys, the players, that watch it, as long as you’ll enjoy the content, I’ll be making it, G out ciao!

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