Update: 4/1


A new version is available in the Google Playstore! It solves the Daily Mission freezes and wrong League placements! New Players upgrading to R42.2 shouldn’t have any problems.

Current affected players will be placed in their correct League during this week.

The latest update should also be available for our Apple players in the next 12 hours (depending on the approval process).

Additionally, the announced Manager’s Pass will be available later this week.

Hey Champions,

We have all waited for this moment and the time has finally come!

Welcome to WWE Champions 2020, NEW logo, NEW Screens, and ALL-NEW LEAGUES!

What’s NEW with Update 0.42 (planned for Monday, 3/30):

  • Introducing LEAGUES – a new career-based system!
  • New Daily Mission system with point-based goals and Rewards
  • Showdown Tournament Improvements, including new rewards like Star Fragments and Chyna Evo Tokens!
  • New Manager’s Pass subscription which provides opportunities for additional bonuses.
  • Simplified Homescreen for a smoother player experience
  • All-new WWE Champions 2020 logo and Title Screen
  • Technical improvements that speed-up load times and increase the game’s overall responsiveness.
  • Changes to the 2-Star/Premium and 3-Star Shard Loot

Rewards Rewards Rewards!!!

Exciting news, ALL EXISTING players will be placed in a League that is tailored to their individual WWE Champions experience! Thus, they will get a sum of ALL the previous League Up rewards! 🎁

Wait! Leagues? League Up rewards? What’s that all about? Well, keep on reading to get a full overview of LEAGUES and its rewards!


We proudly introduce LEAGUES, the latest addition to WWE Champions 2020. Go from rookie to Superstar and rank up by completing objectives!

You will be sent on a journey for amazing rewards to strengthen and grow your roster over time!

The more you progress in Leagues, the better the rewards and the more game features & modes you unlock. You will see certain features and content based on your League Tier. This will ensure a more relevant experience in WWE Champions 2020.

What does it mean?

  • Get content that is more customized to your roster strength and progression needs!
  • Every time you rank up, you will unlock specific features tailored to your League  Tier.


    • The Road Tours
    • Loot
    • Deadman’s Daily
    • Showdown Tournaments
    • Blitzes
    • Offers
    • Faction
    • Perks
    • Titles
    • Etc.

Content like Loot, Offers and Contests can be segmented depending on your League progress, including partitioned contest leaderboards and rewards. Players who are more advanced in Leagues will see more end-game content and will compete against equivalent players.

  • There will also be content that is universal to players in all League Tiers.
  • The current max League Tier is set to 15 and could be increased in the future as we see the player base grows.

Starting League

All existing players will be placed in a League, depending on Max Rarity of their roster.

We want to make sure existing players won’t lose access to any features. So they will be placed to League 7 or above, where all features are unlocked.

If you have at least 1 Superstar that is at or higher than 3-Star Bronze, the game will check further the strength & number of your strongest Superstar and will place you in an appropriate League based on the below requirements.

League TierQuantity of highest SuperstarHighest Superstar Rarity
7AnyBelow 3-Star Bronze
81+3-Star Bronze
91+3-Star Silver
101+3-Star Gold
111+4-Star Bronze
131+4-Star Silver
141-64-Star Gold
157+4-Star Gold

For example, if your Roster’s highest rarity is 4-Star Gold and you have three 4-Star Gold Superstars, you will be placed in League 14.

All new players who start WWE Champions after this update will start in League 1.

Retroactive League Rewards

Existing players will receive a sum of League rewards based on their League placement.

The number of rewards received will be the sum of all previous League completion rewards a normal player would have received.

Retroactive rewards will be:

  • Superstar Posters
  • Coins
  • Tokens
  • Straps
  • Props
  • Gear

League Graduation

You will be promoted to the next League when you met the requirements for your current league and have collected the final League Objective reward. 

Good to know:
You can only advance in Leagues and never go back!

To claim the final League reward, you need to meet two prior requirements:

  • League Points
  • League Objectives

League Points

You must collect enough League Points in order to meet the requirements for ranking up.

League Points can be obtained by achieving milestones in Daily Missions.

League Points never decrease or reset and there can only be one League Point requirement.

League Points will persist across leagues, which means if you collect more League Points than required for the League, the additional points will carry forward to the next League until you hit the max League Tier.

League Objectives

League Objectives will guide you through the League and help you to progress faster in the game. Completing these objectives will grant you awesome rewards!

Example of objective requirements:

  • Win 10 battles on the Road
  • Complete 10 Showdown battles
  • Max out three 3 star bronze Superstars

League Rewards

For each League Level Up you will receive meaningful rewards which will help you on your next League progression


  • Shards
  • Superstar Posters
  • Tokens
  • Coins
  • Training points
  • Gear
  • Props
  • Straps

Completing a League objective will give you additional rewards.

Manager’s Rewards

Manager’s Rewards are recurring time-limited contests where you earn rewards by earning Manager’s Reward Points.

Manager’s Reward Points can be earned by achieving milestones in  Daily Missions.

Each milestone in the Manager’s Rewards consists of two types of rewards

  • Normal rewards (Silver League Loot coins)
  • Premium rewards (Gold League Loot coins) (Subscription only, Info below)

You can redeem those in the respective League Loot to improve your roster and make progress in your League. Get chances at normal and premium Superstars!

Changes to Daily Missions

With the launch of Leagues, our Daily Mission structure is changing.

Instead of earning rewards by completing each mission, you will receive Activity Points. By accumulating Activity Points, you will get Daily Mission rewards including valuable League Points, Manager’s Reward Points, and core resources.

  • The total amount of core resources you will receive is similar to the amount before this update!
  • The choice is yours! You will see a list of Daily Missions but not all of them need to be completed in order to earn the maximum Activity Points.
  • The Mission List and requirements will change every time you get promoted to a new League.


  • As you League Up, you may unlock new types of Daily Missions and get more opportunities to reach maximum Milestone Rewards.
  • As you progress in each League, your rewards from Daily Missions will change. Doing those Daily Missions and getting the rewards will be essential to make progress towards your goal of getting promoted to the next League.
  • Daily Missions will reset every 24 hours.

ALL-NEW Manager’s Pass

Subscribe to this Pass to get more advantages in the Leagues!

Brand-new Superstar Mr. Perfect “nWo” will be exclusively in Gold League Loot, among other PREMIUM Superstars, only available with Gold League Loot coins!

You can get up to 41600 Gold Loot Coins with the Manager’s Pass.

Additional Changes:

Showdown Tournament Improvements

  • Only the Men’s Division Tournament will be persistent. The former Mixed Tag Team and Women’s Tournament will be removed.

  • The Daily Showdown Coin Limit will be increased to 3x current (per tournament)! (Showdown Coins for defensive wins will stay the same)

  • The Weekly Showdown rewards will be increased to 3x current (per tournament)!

  • With only one persistent tournament live, which gives 3x its previous rewards, doing a few battles a day in Showdown will be more beneficial than ever! 
  • The Showdown Shop gets an overhaul with the following rewards pool:

    • TP
    • Chyna Evolution Tokens
    • Hall of Fame Tokens
    • Gold Tokens
    • Silver Tokens
    • Superstar Poster and Shards

Please note:
In accordance with these changes we will also remove the 2-Star/Premium/3-Star Shard Loots from the game! Please make sure to spend any of these remaining currencies for aforementioned Loots until Monday 3/30!