Update: 5/11

We added the following issue to the fixed list!


  • Sometimes, the points contributed to the Faction Contest were not counted.

Hey Champions,

This week we will release another Bugfix Update (on all major platforms) which will contain the following fixes:

Mass Message

  • A few players didn’t receive the mass messages in their Inbox.

Home Screen

  • The progression bar of the Manager’s Rewards should work for everyone now.


  • Using Ric Flair “Co-Owner” for coach ability could result in an endless black submission move.
  • The reduced damage of a submission move didn’t appear on the move panel.


  • Players were redirected to the “Cash and Coin” section in the Store after tapping on the “Get More!” button in the Props screen.


  • The boost icon of Perks should be displayed properly now.

Faction Lockbox

  • Collecting the Faction Lockbox resulted for some players in a freeze.

Facebook Login

  • In some cases, players could lose their game progress after linking their devices via Facebook.

Showdown Tournament

  • Weekly Showdown Rewards in the Inbox were not deleted after 7 days.
    • This fix has already been implemented on our Live server!

Please bear in mind, if an issue is not listed here it will not be included in the update, and therefore will take some more time to be fixed.

The Bugfix Update is planned for mid-week. But as always, do not take this times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.