Hey Champions,

We hope every one of you is doing well and is as excited as we are for the upcoming update tomorrow (3/30).

To support you a bit more with Ingame activities during these challenging times, we have prepared a very special Healer Blitz Faction contest for you!

  • Play the Healer Blitz to collect Boss Bags and make points towards the contest!
  • Get Strap Parts and Healer Bags with valuable resources!
  • Earn shards and gear for our game’s best healer Akam “Authors of Pain” in milestones!

Please note: Screenshots are taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


The Healer Blitz contest begins Monday 3/30 at noon PST and ends on 4/1 at noon PST!

Faction Contest

Point MethodPoints
Obtain 1 Healer Blitz Boss Bag1


  • Gear for Akam “Authors of Pain”
  • Up to 300 shards for Akam “Authors of Pain”
  • Up to Epic Attitude Strap for Men’s Division
  • Up to Tier 4 Medals

Leaderboard rewards will be up to 500,000 coins.