Hey Champions,

Are you ready for some fun times? 🤪

We heard your feedback and are happy to provide you with a contest everyone asked for!

  • Play the Limited-Time Tours for shards of absolutely not RARE Superstars such as John Cena “Chain Gang”, Braun Strowman “The New Face Of Destruction” and the one and only Junkyard Dog “JYD“!
  • Collect Clownin’ Round II Silly Bags in Blitz to earn useless rewards!
  • And to top it all, you can even get SUPER Silly Bags in the SUPER Silly Clounin’ Round II Blitz for even more inventory cluttering items!
  • All Silly Bags have a chance at a very mysterious item that you don’t want at all!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


The first Clownin’ Round II Limited-Time Tour will start on April 1st, at noon PS(illy)T! More Tours will launch April 2nd and end on April 3rd, at noon PS(illy)T.

The Clownin’ Round II Silly Blitzes will start on April 1st, at noon PS(illy)T and lasts until April 3rd, at noon PS(illy)T.

Limited-Time Tours

Requirements: Open, Doink, Bret Hart “nWo” and Syxx “nWo”


Get the following AMAZING rewards in the Clownin’ Round II Tours.

Finally a chance to unlock Junk Yard Dog “JYD” or level up his move sets!