Hey Champions,

WrestleMania weekend is finally here! What a perfect time to have one of the greatest Legends of em’ all debuting with Hollywood Style!

  • Collect Hollywood Boas in Limited-Time Tours and contest milestones and redeem them in the Hollywood Style Prize Wall!
  • Get Hollywood Chests from the Tours and make progress in the FACTION contest!
  • Spin the LOOT with possible FREE Loot coins in Chests to win brand-new Hulk Hogan “Hollywood Hogan” at up to 4-Star Gold!
  • Earn Hollywood Gear Medallions for a chance at the “White and Black” GEAR for Hulk Hogan “Hollywood Hogan”! Guaranteed with 6 Medallions!
4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Hulk Hogan “Hollywood Hogan” can be found on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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WrestleMania: Hollywood Style launches Friday, 4/3 at noon PST and ends on Monday, 4/6 at 10 am PST!

Faction Contest

You and your Faction get the chance to obtain valuable shards for RARE nWo 2020 Superstars in milestones, alongside plenty of Hollywood Boas which can be redeemed in the Prize Wall!

Spend 1 Hollywood Loot Coin5
Collect 1 Hollywood Chest2


  • Up to 50,000 Hollywood Boas
  • Up to 600 shards of Ted Dibiase “nWo”
  • Up to 250 shards of Big Show “nWo”
  • Up to 500 TP
  • Up to 300,000 Coins

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 2,000,000 Coins
  • Up to 6x 5-Star Silver Tokens

Limited-Time Tours

The nWo is not done yet with their WrestleMania visit! Use your nWo Superstars to collect Hollywood Boas, Gear Medallions and Chests!

Tours2nd Node Hell Mode Req
Bret Hart “nWo 2000”Big Show “nWo
Syxx “nWo”Randy Savage “nWo
Scott Hall “Outsider”Randy Savage “nWo
Kevin Nash “Big Kev”Randy Savage “nWo
Ted DiBiase “nWo”Big Show “nWo”
Hulk Hogan “Hollywood Hogan”Hulk Hogan “The Immortal”


  • Up to 100,000 Hollywood Boas
  • Up to 6 Hollywood Gear Medallions
  • Up to 5 Hollywood Chests
  • Strap Parts

The Hollywood Hogan Tour also gets you a unique Hulk Hogan Strap with a 25% Extra Turn Chance!

Prize Wall

Redeem your earned Hollywood Boas for awesome rewards!

Hint: You can get more boas in the Showdown Tournament Faction contest!

Reminder: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text and numbers are subject to change!

Special Offers and FREE LOOT

Use your FREE Loot coins in the Hollywood Chests to spin the Hollywood Hogan Loot for a chance at Hulk Hogan “Hollywood Hogan” at up to 4-Star GOLD!

Get a chance at a Brother Chest in Loot which includes Hulk Hogan “The Immortal” AND “Hollywood Hogan” at 4-Star Bronze!

Need more Hulk Hogan “The Immortal” shards to unlock him? No problem, it’s all in the Debut Loot!