Hey Champions,

This week is all about NXT, and today we are happy to introduce the ring expert par excellence Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” to WWE Champions 2020!

  • Get brand-new Superstar Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” at 4-Star GOLD in the Triple Crown Champion LOOT!
  • Compete in Showdown Matches and talent up your NXT Superstars to make points towards the contest
  • Play with Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” in the Limited-Time Tour and Blitz to speed up your progress!
  • Over 600 shards for him in the milestones, along with TOP Superstars at 3-Star Bronze such as Becky Lynch “The Man”, Rezar “Authors of Pain and AJ Styles “The Phenomenal”!
  • Obtain 2-Star Silver Tokens and more in early milestones!
4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” can be found on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Triple Crown Champion Gargano contest begins on Friday, 4/24 at noon PST and ends on Monday, 4/27 at noon PST.

Solo Contest

Earn 1 Showdown Coin450,000
Spend 1 Triple Crown Champion Loot Coin1,000
Increase the Talent of an NXT Superstar1030,000
Defeat the Boss of the Triple Crown Champion Tour Normal Mode10,0001
Defeat the Boss of the Triple Crown Champion Tour Hard Mode50,0001
Defeat the Boss of the Triple Crown Champion Tour Hell Mode200,0001
Defeat the Boss of the Triple Crown Champion Gauntlet Blitz60,0007
Win any Showdown Match with Gargano30,0003


  • Up to 630 shards for Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling”
  • 3-Star Bronze Becky Lynch “The Man”
  • 3-Star Bronze Rezar “Authors of Pain”
  • 3-Star Bronze AJ Styles “The Phenomenal”
  • Shards for Drew McIntyre “The Sinister Scotsman”
  • Up to 60,000 Spring in the Ring Ingots
  • Up to 9x 3-Star Silver Token
  • Up to 15x 2-Star Gold Token
  • Up to 30 2-Star Silver Token
  • Up to 3,000,000 Coins

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to a Legendary Modern Technician Strap with Extra Turn
  • 1x Submission Skill Plate
  • Up to random Tier 4 Medals

Limited-Time Tours

With Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” in your roster you will be able to play this special 1-node Limited-Time Tour for valuable Technician Straps!



Play the Triple Crown Champion Gauntlet Blitz with Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling” to obtain a Triple Crown Shard bag and Health Packs!


The bag can contain more shards for Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling”, Aleister Black “Root Of All Evil”, or Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds”.


Use your Triple Crown Champion Loot Coins and take a chance at a 4-Star GOLD Johnny Gargano “Johnny Wrestling”, alongside other RARE Superstars such as Aleister Black “The Root of Evil” and Kofi Kingston “Against All Odds”!