Hey Champions,

Can you smell this? No, it’s not the People’s Champ cookin’, it is the upcoming Flash Feuds contest this weekend! Prepare your Faction for Big WINS with this Flash Feuds’ Finest!

  • Win a 4-Star SILVER Diamond Dallas Page “The Master of the Diamond Cutter” for your Faction in this contest
  • Play the Limited-Time Tours for FREE LOOT COINS and use these to make progress towards the contest.
  • Work with your Faction to get Prize Wall Medallions and to get shards or posters of required Superstars in the upcoming Flash Feuds!
  • Get 4-Star Silver Ted DiBiase “nWo”, Brie Bella, Scott Hall “Outsider” and many more in the Prize Wall.
  • Spin the Loot for a chance at more Flash Feuds relevant Superstars, including Chyna “Ninth Wonder Of The World” at 4-Star GOLD!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Faction Feuds’ Finest begins on 4/29 at noon PST and ends on Saturday 5/2 at noon PST.

Don’t forget about the upcoming Spring in the Ring Flash Feuds this weekend! The first Flash Feud will start on 5/1 at 6 pm PST! More info will follow soon.

Faction Contest

Spend 1 Flash Feuds’ Finest Standard Loot Coin130
Spend 1 Flash Feuds’ Finest Premium Loot Coin135


  • 4-Star Silver Diamond Dallas Page “The Master of the Diamond Cutter”
  • Up to 2 Prize Wall Medallions
  • 2x Epic Legends Strap
  • 1x Epic Attitude Strap for Technician
  • Up to Tier 4 Medals
  • Rare Attitude Strap Random Class
  • Rare Modern Technician Strap
  • Rare New Gen Trickster Strap
  • Uncommon New Gen Showboat Strap
  • Uncommon New Gen Technician Strap
  • Uncommon New Gen Powerhouse Strap
  • Uncommon New Gen Striker Strap

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 6x Prize Wall Medallions
  • Up to 2,000,000 coins

Limited-Time Tours

Tours2nd Node Hard/Hell Mode Requirements
Jinder Mahal “The Modern Day Maharaja”Finn Balor “Balor Club”
Seth Rollins “Undisputed Future”Daniel Bryan “The Planet’s Champion”
Any Ted DiBiaseIRS
Razor Ramon “The Bad Guy”Rusev “The Bulgarian Brute”



  • Up to 59,500 Spring in the Ring Ingots
  • Diamonds
  • Up to 4-Star Token cases
  • Blitz Tickets

Prize Wall

Spend your obtained Medallions in this Prize Wall for required Superstars in the upcoming Flash Feuds!

Superstars up to 4-Star Silver and shards for recent debutants!


Get a chance at AWESOME Superstars in the PREMIUM LOOT to help you win this weekend’s Flash Feuds, including Chyna “Ninth Wonder of the World” and Ricochet “The One and Only” at up to 4-Star Gold!

Win Superstars needed in the Flash Feud’s Finest Tour, such as Razor Ramon “The Bad Guy” and Seth Rollins “The Undisputed Future” at up to 4-Star Gold!