Hey Champions,

Earth is shaking, ring ropes waving, the “Natural Disasters” have arrived in WWE Champions! This May you will face the most colossal Superstars in WWE history!

Prepare for MORE INGOTS, MORE EVO TOKENS, and MORE SHARDS in Tours and contests throughout the COLOSSAL CLASSICS!

The Typhoon’s Daily Tours with ONLY 1 node will give you TONS of rewards, including 5000 KEYS, up to 100 Typhoon Evolution Tokens, up to 500 shards for Earthquake, and much more! (see below)

Don’t miss out and play it DAILY!

  • Get Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” for FREE in the Talent Up or the Open Colossal Classics Tour and increase his Talent with Evolution Tokens to speed up your progress in the contest! (His shard unlock is at 2-Star Gold!)
  • Collect shards and unlock brand-new Superstar Earthquake “The Natural Disasters” at 4-Star Gold and get his gear on the Prize Wall!
  • Enjoy plenty of Typhoon Evolutions Tokens and Earthquake shards right from the start and throughout the contests!
  • Make progress by earning Colossal Classics Ingots in Tours, Feud, Blitz, Faction, Showdown Tournaments, and additional contests!
  • Each week you can play 5 Coin/Evo contests with different difficulties, from easy (3.5M) to hard (8M)!
  • Get an advantage in Feuds with powerful Perks and reduced costs!

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for The Natural Disasters can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

Please note: Screenshots taken from a test environment. Text, numbers, and dates are subject to change!


Colossal Classics5/4 at 11:30 am PST
Ends 6/1 at 10 am PST
Kick-Off Talent Up5/4 at noon PST
Ends 5/8 at noon PST
Colossal Classics Kick-Off Blitz5/4 at noon PST
Ends 5/8 at noon PST
TP Contest5/4 at noon PST
Ends 5/11 at noon PST

Limited-Time Tours

Today’s Triumph is 1-node short and gets you a LARGE AMOUNT of Colossal Classics Ingots every day!

Come back every day and enjoy all the incredible rewards in the SHORT 1-node Typhoon’s Daily Tours!


Only 1 node to SMASH daily and 5000 Colossal Classics Keys to win! Beat that node on other difficulties and get up to 100 guaranteed Typhoon Evolution Tokens, up to 500 guaranteed shards for Earthquake, and much more! (see screenshots above)

Play through the Weekly Colossal Classics Tours in order to win TONS of Colossal Classics Ingots, Keys, and other great rewards, such as Turnbuckles, PLENTY of Earthquake shards, and MANY Evolution Tokens to evolve your Typhoon!

A new Colossal Classics Tour will launch every week, some of them with way fewer restrictions than last month!

Beat the first node of the Colossal Classics Tour to get Typhoon at 1-Star Bronze!

Talent Up

Another way to win brand-new Superstar Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” is to complete the very first milestone in the Talent-Up!

Collect enough shards and unlock Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” at 2-Star GOLD!

Increase your Roster talent to win great rewards, including a unique LEGENDARY strap for Typhoon and shards for Earthquake!

Increase roster talent by 11
Increase the talent of Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” by 14
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 2-Stars300
Evolve, enhance or fuse a Superstar with 3-Stars2500
Enhance or fuse a Superstar with 4-Stars8000
Spend a 4-Star Silver Token1200
Spend a 4-Star Gold Token2800
Spend a 2-Star Silver Token40
Spend a 3-Star Silver Token240


  • 1-Star Bronze Typhoon “The Natural Disasters”
  • Up to 4 Premium Typhoon Bags
  • Legendary Strap for Typhoon “The Natural Disasters”
  • Up to 100 Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” Evo tokens
  • Up to 150 Earthquake”The Natural Disasters” shards
  • Up to 9 League bags
  • Up to 150,000 Colossal Classics Ingots
  • Up to 4x Epic New Gen Strap for a random class
  • Up to 3,470,000 Coins
  • Up to 11x 5-Star Silver Token
  • Up to 20x 4-Star Gold Token
  • Colossal Classics Faction Feud Turnbuckles

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to a 4-Star Silver Trish Stratus “Stratusfaction”
  • 1x Legendary Attitude Strap for Striker Women’s Division
  • Up to 8x random Tier 4 Medals

Solo Contest

Obtain 1 Colossal Classics Ingot1
Increase the Talent of Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” by 110
Spend 1 Colossal Classics Universal Turnbuckle1
Spend Cash1



The following content is segmented, depending on your League progression. This includes also milestones rewards and partitioned contest Leaderboards. Players who are more advanced in Leagues can get more rewards and will compete against equivalent players.

The 1 Colossal Classics contest is segmented into 3 Leagues:

  • Leagues 7-9
  • Leagues 10-12
  • Leagues 13-15

Thus, depending on the segments the following rewards can differ.

  • Up to 15x League Bags
  • Up to 4083000 Coins
  • Up to 1280 TP
  • Up to 7 random EPIC Straps
  • Universal Turnbuckles
  • Tour Turnbuckles
  • Feud Turnbuckles

If you manage to reach the final milestone you will earn bonus rewards depending on your League (Screenshot shows League 15 rewards):

  • Legendary New Gen Natural Disasters Strap with a random Bonus
  • 3-Star Silver Goldberg
  • 2-Star Gold Randy Savage “Madness”
  • Up to 1730000 Coins
  • Up to 300 TP

Leaderboard rewards

  • Up to 1x Top League bag
  • Up to 1300000 Coins
  • Up to 210 TP
  • Up to 5000 Blitz Tickets

Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” Evolution Tokens How-To

  • You will find very valuable Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” Evolution Tokens in various places throughout the contest including tours, coin & evolution contests, TP contests, and MORE!
  • Those can be used to evolve and enhance Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” during this monthly contest.
  • In the first week, you could already get around 350 FREE Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” Evolution Tokens!
  • If you want to be ahead of everyone you can always purchase more Evolution Tokens in the Shop!
  • Here is an Evolution Chart so you know how many Tokens are needed:
EvolutionToken Cost

Faction Contest

Collect and spend Colossal Classics Keys to earn a large number of Colossal Classics Ingots, Typhoon Evo Tokens, and Earthquake shards!

Obtain 1 Colossal Classics Key11
Spend 1 Colossal Classics Key11
Max milestone is set to 56,999,999!


  • Up to 275,700 Colossal Classics Ingots
  • Up to 800 Typhoon Evo Tokens
  • Up to 400 Earthquake shards
  • Legendary New Gen Typhoon Strap
  • Tier 4 Medals
  • Epic WCW Strap for a random class
  • Epic New Gen Strap for a random class

Spend Colossal Classics Keys to earn posters like Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” along with other great Superstars!

Prize Wall

Get as many Colossal Classics in this contest and use them in the monthly Prize Wall!

If you have a running Membership Pass you will enjoy the DAILY Prize Wall Deals with better value and UNIQUE items, such as gears, keys, TP, and many more resources!

We have also reduced the costs for some Combo Packs!


Get a chance at Typhoon “The Natural Disasters” at 4-Star GOLD, Chyna “The Ninth Wonder of the World”, Becky Lynch “The Man” and many other rare Superstar posters and shards for the Colossal Classics Contest!

Get ahead in the Colossal Classics with Starter Packs, Key offers, Catch up Packs, and much more!

Buy the first Ladder pack and unlock the next tier with more value!