Hey Champions,

Let’s welcome all-new Hall of Famer Brie Bella to WWE Champions 2020!

  • Take a chance in LOOT for Brie Bella “Hall of Fame” at up to 4-Star Bronze and other rarities!

  • The Loot contains Bronze Induction Ingots¬†which can be redeemed on the Prizewall for Superstar shards and resources, including Hall of Fame Tokens!

4-Star GOLD Previews/Guides for Brie Bella “Hall of Fame” can be found (soon) on our YouTube Playlist! Content made by the Community for the Community!

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The Brie Bella “Hall of Fame” Induction contest begins on Monday, 5/25 at noon PST and ends on Wednesday, 5/27 at noon PST.

Solo Contest

Obtain 1 Induction Ingot1
Final milestone1,250


  • Up to 1000 Brie Bella “Hall of Fame” shards
  • Up to 20,000,000 Coins

Leaderboard rewards

  • 100 Chyna Shards
  • Up to 3,000,000 Coins
  • Up to 10x 5-star Silver Tokens

Prize Wall

Redeem your Bronze Induction Ingots for HoF Tokens at all rarities, shards for Earthquake, Brie Bella “Brie-Mode”, Typhoon Evo Tokens!

Additionally, you get Tier 4 Medals, TP, and Coins!