Hey Champions,

Got your taxes safely filed? Take a break with our Tax Deadline contest.

For folks in the US, taxes are due July 15, but our contest is worldwide.

  • Play the contest and win a 5-Star GOLD Token alongside shards for Nikki Bella “Fearless”!

  • Prepare and use Contest Superstars in Tours to get even more contest points!

  • Get a chance at Ted DiBiase “nWo”, Nikki Bella, X-Pac “DX”, Nikolai Volkoff and his Million Dollar Corporation Gear alongside other Awesome Superstars in LOOT!

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The Tax Deadline Contest begins on Wednesday 7/15 at noon PST and lasts until 7/17 at noon PST.

Solo Contest

Point MethodsPointsLimit
Spend Cash3
Spend 1 Tax Deadline Loot Coin1200
Max Milestones1,350,000

Get additional Points with Contest Superstars in Tours:

Contest SuperstarBoss Node Location
Ted DiBiase “Million Dollar Man”MDC Tour Normal/Hard Mode
Nikolai Volkoff “The Russian”MDC Tour Hell Mode
Bam Bam BigelowPowerhouse Tour Normal/Hard
Scott Hall “Hall of Fame”Powerhouse Tour Hell Mode


238-25,000July Jubilee Contest Points
1Legendary Striker Attitude Strap Men’s Division
5-365Nikki Bella shards
15-Star Gold Token
55-Star Silver Tokens
104-Star Gold Tokens
1-54-Star Silver Tokens
13-Star Gold Token
12-Star Gold Token
1-3Random Epic Straps

Leaderboard rewards

14-Star Silver Ted Dibiase “nWo”
20-300Ted Dibiase “nWo” shards
500-20,000July Jubilee Contest Points
3-104-Star Gold Tokens

Limited-Time Tours

Tour2nd Hell Mode Node RequirementsRewards
OpenUp to 350,000 Coins
404,000 Contest Points
50x Nikki Bella shards
100x X-Pac shards
PowerhouseUp to 350,000 Coins
404,000 Contest Points
50x Nikki Bella shards
100x X-Pac shards

Special Offers

Take a chance in Loot for Ted DiBiase “nWo”, Nikki Bella “Fearless”, X-Pac “DX”, and Nikolai Volkoff with his Million Dollar Corporation Gear at 4-Star GOLD along with other AWESOME Superstars.